15. May 2019 - 17:00 till 23:00
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Crypto Enterprise Alliance Event | 15 Broad Street | Wednesday, 15. May 2019

Join on us on Friday, May 10th for a fun night with friends, colleagues, and talking everything crypto! The Enterprise Crypto Alliance Event is being hosted by Bitsian & The BlockVenture Coalition, celebrating the recent acquisition of Bitsian, which is a prime brokerage and provides synthetic pair matching and best prices across exchages. The BlockVenture Coalition is the largest alliance of blockchain university groups (41) and VC funds (44) in the space. Also a special thanks to our friends and sponsors Beam & ChainDD. 

Beam is a privacy focused project and an implementation of MimbleWimble. The team is based out of Tel-Aviv, Israel and the legendary Mr. Alexander Zaidelson (CEO) will be in attendance. 

ChainDD is a media company based in NYC that spun off from TMTPost Group, the leading tech media company in China with over 150 million readers and 1.5 billion total page views in 2017. They're currently the No. 1 blockchain-related news app in China with more than 2 million registered users, delivering a daily average of 100 articles and flash news 24/7.

Other Companies in Attendance (so far!):
-Bessemer Venture Partners
-Bizantine Capital
-Sutler Ventures