08. November 2019 - 8:45 till 16:30
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The Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference 2019 | Bank Street College of Education | Friday, 08. November 2019

The Emotionally Responsive Schools Conference is a day of collaboration and study of Emotionally Responsive Practice. This conference is for early childhood programs, elementary schools and middle schools that want to make sure that teachers, social workers and administrators have a deep understanding of child development, social and emotional foundations for learning, parent engagement, and mastery of supportive techniques for building a safe and empathic school community.
Conference features keynote address by Lesley Koplow, LCSW, Opening A Window: A Peak at the Secret Life of Classrooms, followed by two rounds of breakout sessions:
Workshops will Include:

Essentials of Emotionally Responsive Practice
ERP in Action: The Power of Symbolic Solutions
Hearing Trauma’s Voice in the Classroom
ERP Schools Present: Exploring Social Justice Under The Umbrella of ERP
Advisory and Student Voice: A Middle School Process
ERP in Song
Quilting Our Collective Story
Emotionally Responsive Literacy As Reflective Technique

Visit bankstreet.edu/erpconference for more information.
Community of Emotionally Responsive Schools Initiative
What are Emotionally Responsive Schools?
Emotionally Responsive Schools are elementary schools, middle schools  and early childhood programs that use the work of Emotionally Responsive Practice at Bank Street to inform their interactions, routines and curriculum. Emotionally Responsive Schools give all staff members in the preschool or elementary school building a deep understanding of child development and social and emotional foundations for learning, as well as supportive techniques for building an empathic school community where children feel safe and connected.
Who Can Become Part of Our Emotionally Responsive Schools Community?
Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Head Start Programs, and Child Care Centers who want to be connected to ERP at Bank Street, want an opportunity for ongoing professional development and support, and want to connect to other schools who use Emotionally Responsive Practice can join Our Community of Emotionally Responsive Schools.
In order to support the work, each program pays a membership fee for the school year. See ticket information for membership fees.
Our Emotionally Responsive School Community is available to schools in New York City as well as schools across the country. NYC public schools can access our Promoting Safe and Supportive Schools requirements contract.
Out of town members who come to NYC for the conference and stay for the long week end can visit a school that practices ERP on Monday.
Why Emotionally Responsive Schools?
Research tells us that adverse childhood experiences are common across the income spectrum, and can heighten risk for physical and mental health problems as children grow up, in addition to creating social, emotional and learning issues while they are small. A safe, empathic, engaging school environment can act to diminish stress, nurture the developing brain and become a protective factor for the hundreds of children who attend each year.
To pay by check or purchase order, please register here: https://forms.gle/DLc6YRrEj8prieh39
Any questions contact Lesley Koplow, lkoplow@bankstreet.edu, 212-961-3430.
Participants will receive 6 Social Work CE credits, 6 Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Hours or .6 Continuing Education Unit. Inquiries to Lesley Koplow, lkoplow@bankstreet.edu, 212-961-3430.