14. September 2017 - 11:30
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Feast of San Gennaro 2017 | Grotta Azzurra Ristorante In Little Italy NYC, Since 1908! | Thursday, 14. September 2017

The 91st Annual Feast of San Gennaro will be held in Little Italy for 11 days from September 14, through September 24, 2017, on the streets of historic Little Italy, the lower Manhattan neighborhood which served as the first home in America for hundreds of thousands of Italian immigrants who came here seeking to improve their lives beginning in the early part of the 20th century. The beloved Feast of San Gennaro is an annual celebration of the Patron Saint of Naples. The first Feast in New York City took place on September 19, 1926 when newly arrived immigrants from Naples settled along Mulberry Street in the Little Italy section of New York City and decided to continue the tradition they had followed in Italy to celebrate the day in 305 A.D. when Saint Gennaro was martyred for the faith.
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  • I'm here
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  • Geez Haven't Been To The Feast Of San Gennaro In Over Twenty Years Perhaps I'll Go Visit Part Of My Favorite Locations In Lower Manhattan.🤔
  • Emma Dow - get excited for Saturday!
  • Nicole Furi interested?
  • I am hoping to be there this Thursday 9-21-17 evening along with a few of you friends !!! You know who you are Lol !!!
  • Is it raining? Is feast open
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  • Save me some Sausage and Peppers I'll be there Sunday or Saturday
  • Sarah Santoro
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  • Oct13-16SanGenaro Italian Festival. 7thAve The Old Columbus Homes.I sure will like to attend like old times.Canoli,Sausage🍕🌭🧀
  • Worth it
  • I go every year. My parents lived in Mott St in the 60's.
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  • Thank you for the beautiful photos of Italy and the photo of the game in new york im a big fan of them love from Patricia
  • Micki is interested also in going to the feast of San Genaro aka Michelina
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  • Donna Martone let's go for dinner lol
  • What time does it end?
  • We had a great time!