21. May 2019 - 17:00 till 20:00
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Harlem Swing Dance and Lindy Hop/Jazz Tours | Apollo Theater | Tuesday, 21. May 2019

NOTE - NO TOURS July 2nd and July 9th

Harlem Roots - World ImpactThe Harlem Swing Dance and Lindy Hop/Jazz Tour highlights Harlem’s historic dance contribution of the Lindy Hop and its famed home of the Savoy Ballroom.​ Sights and landmarks pertaining to Jazz, the Lindy Hop dance culture, the great migration will be reviewed and visited. This experience covers the Harlem Renaissance period of 1920s up thru 1958 and beyond to the current Renaissance and Lindy Hop/Swing Dance revival in Harlem. The Pioneers, Innovators, Trailblazers and Keepers of the Flame of this world famous dance will also be featured.*
Have a dancing and jazzy journey: A feature and highlight of this tour is you having a Lindy Hop/Swing Dance lesson! Trained in Tap, Lindy Hop and other jazz dances our Instructors will have you the excited and hooked on Harlem’s signature cultural – Dance – JAZZ - Lindy Hop – SAVOY- Swing!
This unique experience The Harlem Swing Dance and Lindy Hop/Jazz Tour is lead by Barbara Jones, a licensed tour guide. As a Harlem Jazz Dance Enthusiast & Educator - and member of The Harlem Swing Dance Society team – she is passionate about ALL of the famed Harlem dance history being shared and known.*Please contact the Organizer no later than 72 hrs before the tour for a date; Meetup Location can vary depending on weather conditions. Customized tours on different days can be had! Email or Call:347 - 709 - 7022theharlemswingdancesociety@gmail.com