11. July 2017 - 15:00 till 18:00
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Kosciuszko Bridge Demolition | Kosciuszko Bridge | Tuesday, 11. July 2017

The state plans to blow up the old Kosciuszko Bridge within the next couple of months. Crews will use dynamite to demolish the bridge. It should be an awesome event to experience!

Stay tuned for the exact date and time!


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  • O Awesome. My birthday present.
  • Dave Frieder
  • Christopher Ryan
  • Katy Xian
  • Sounds environmentally conscious. should be a blast regardless
  • ßenji Weintraub Eli Weintraub Yonatan Gray 1sec?
  • nooo cous cous bridge!! 😭😭
  • That photo is not the Kosciuszko Bridge though...
  • ... but where do we go for the viewing? Do we hang out in the water? lol
  • It's a beautiful bridge; why would they want to destroy it?
  • Kurt Grabher Sr.
  • Stephanie Rigogiannis
  • There is always traffic in the city. Has anyone been on the new bridge? It is the same amount of lanes as the old one. What were they thinking?
  • I wonder if anyone know"s whom this bridge"s namesake was in history??
  • I've wanted to blow that bridge up a million times.
  • George Kamal gonna be lit haha (literally)
  • The city should have made this a bicycle and pedestrian crossing
  • Anna Souvorov I wonna go !
  • Too bad should have made it a Restruarant and farmers Market instead ❣️❣️❣️
  • Abby Chernin
  • Ela Rawska they are demoing the *** bridge
  • Eddie Diaz
  • Thank you for invitation, but there will be not such a thing like Kosciuszko Bridge Demolition. As Dr. Inz. Tadeusz Alberski (who built it) said, this bridge will be stripped partially. Sorry
  • Will be filming it, of course.