16. February 2019 - 14:00 till 16:30
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NYC Street Photography Heavenly Strolls | 33 E 17th St | Saturday, 16. February 2019

Want to discover the iconic streets of NYC? Want to do it while walking and improving your street photography?
You've found the right place.
My name is Abdoulaye (Ahb-do-lie) and I'm madly in love with street photography (my GF get's jealous of all the attention my camera gets :-P). I took a whole year off from teaching workshop because I felt my style was getting too boring and repetitive and I did not want to teach while my photography was struggling.
Now I'm back better than ever, my style is on point, my mastery of the camera is on a whole other level, (Inserts cliché of camera becoming an extension to my arm), and I am completely certain I've reached a point where I can adequately teach again.

Enough about me. Why should you even bother coming to the Divine Street Photographers event?
Finding yourself at a standstill with your street photography?I got myself out of a 6 month long spiral where I though all of my photos looked like mashed up dog poo. I developed techniques to help me start creating images I actually enjoy looking at again.
Having anxiety when it comes to shooting images of strangers in public?I used to be scared of getting punched in the **** when shooting images of people. Now I can confidently walk up to anyone, have them agree to shooting with me enthusiastically and at times even pose them in a way that would make the shot much better. It's actually pretty easy. I'll show you how
No Idea where to go to shoot good photos?I've walked the streets of New York everyday for hours on ends with my camera shooting photos. I've stumbled on some beautiful locations not well know to the general public. How does it sound shooting images where only a few ppl have access to? No more empire state building shoots, we innovators around here.
Let's grab our cameras, walk the streets of NYC and produce divine photographs.