19. October 2019 - 15:00 till 17:00
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Private Artist Reception: Daniele Pollitz ~ “Assemblage Archéologique” | NYA Art Center | Saturday, 19. October 2019

You are cordially invited to a private hosted reception featuring brand new sculptural works by artist Daniele Pollitz.
About “Assemblage Archéologique”
Pollitz has evolved for over 40 years in her work with pure instinct. Her different periods, each five years : clay modeling, bronzes, acrylic sculptures, two dimensional circle of the planets.
Her latest work “Assemblage Archéologique” brings awareness to recycled metals and platic, and provoke a conversation around the finality and originality of an object use.
In a playful approach, instead of words to transmit a message, she created each sculpture to represent different human behavior of our time, moments in history, art, and social movements. She also gives a noble sense to objects abandoned by overconsumption.
About Daniele Pollitz
Daniele Pollitz was born in Morocco and raised in Paris.
Her childhood experience resulted in the fusion of her French upbringing and a natural sensibility of art and a broad sense of design.
Her body of work includes a wide range of sculptures from small figurines to busts, functional vessels, large fountains, and bas relief made of Metal and Leather. Daniele interprets the human body, and abstract forms in bronze clay and resin.
She was working in Metal cuttings with human forms made in leather. And now Daniele influenced by our time using her sense of humor created her last work "Assemblage Archéologique" with found objects.
Guests will enjoy wine and refreshments. 
Join us for an afternoon of dynamic art and thoughtful conversations.