A Self-Help Guide To Killing Your Boss: A Staged Reading | The Alchemical Studios - Rehearsal, Photography, Performance | Saturday, 11. November 2017

A new satirical, dark comedy musical about the Hollywood self-help industry and the nutters who run it.

The show follows Rose, an assistant for the charismatic, manipulative Guy Martin – a self-proclaimed “productivity master and self-help guru” in the Hollywood Hills. When she tries to quit her demanding job full of sycophantic “yes Bros”, Guy’s blackmail of her past forces Rose to extreme measures. While planning Guy’s next big party, Rose finds a rare opportunity when she and her old college friend/socialite drug lord, Becky, scheme together to get rid of Guy at the biggest Hollywood Ayahuasca party ever been thrown.

Last year the Hollywood debut of the musical was a sold-out, standing room only event. The positive reviews were overwhelming, a few dubbing Killing Your Boss the “Millennial’s Musical.” The show garnered enough support for a second run in Downtown LA to more rave reviews, and is now in its early stages in NYC.

Killing Your Boss started as a collaboration among friends who lived in the same apartment complex in Studio City, when they decided to work together coming from collective experience on stage and screen. Co-written by Justin Small and Caroline Dunaway, this musical was inspired by their real-life experiences being assistants in both the entertainment and self-help industry. Music and lyrics by Chris Brochu and Sam Neagley.