04. February 2019 - 19:00 till 21:30
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Social Constellations | Church St School For Music and Art | Monday, 04. February 2019

Please join us for an evening of Social Constellations where we will facilitate exploration of a collective issue. A social constellation is a group process of looking at the dynamics of a system — such as an organization, community group, or a larger societal question.
In working with complex systems, linear thinking and analysis offer some insights, but may not illuminate some of the deeper dynamics affecting the system.
The constellations process offers us an intuitive way to see and feel patterns within a system, and helps people connect with their own authenticity, inner wisdom, and soul force.
Once we see patterns that have been previously out of our awareness, we have the capacity to relate to them, rather than staying stuck within them or acting from within limitations.
Social Constellations can be useful for people seeking new insights on social issues that are important to them. They can help us be more effective in our efforts to bring about positive change in the world, particularly if you are:
…looking for perspectives that can go beyond the limitations of either-or, right-wrong, perpetrator-victim-rescuer, and other polarizing contexts that can creep into social change efforts and limit connection and creative engagement with the issues.
…seeking ways to be open to the perspectives of those who are often considered to be ‘opposition’, without giving up your own values and commitment to what you feel is right.
…willing to explore ways to offer expanded understanding, resources, and connection to yourself and other activists, through the use of emergent and intuitive IS OUR INTENTION WITH THIS WORK? Our intention is to inspire new ways of embodied seeing and understanding, that can lead to new ways of taking action.
We will do this by creating a context, and hosting a process, where each of us can gain embodied insights into the underlying dynamics of a social issue.
We will then have an opportunity to share the insights, perspectives and learnings that we received, with each other, and consider what might be right next steps. FACILITATED BY: Bruce Nayowith and Alissa FleetBruce Nayowith, MD practices emergency medicine in Massachusetts. He is a member of Physicians for Social Responsibility, 350MA.org, and spent a month with the Great March for Climate Action in 2014. Bruce studies emergent group processes including Dynamic Facilitation, Open Dialogue, and Family Constellations. He enjoys collaborating in systemic group explorations of collective healing spaces for personal and social issues, including participation in The Pocket Project and Social Constellations. “My interest is in bringing together the energy and commitment of activists, the guidance and sensitivity of intuitives, and paradigms and processes from various healing traditions to help us engage the intense challenges of our times.”Alissa Fleet is a social innovation consultant, and a family and systemic constellations facilitator, and a MA candidate in Consciousness and Transformative Studies at JFK University.She consults with activists, social entrepreneurs, and businesses on wicked problems using an approach that draws from systems thinking and design thinking. She also consults with individuals to help launch of their passion projects.“My curiosity about inner and outer transformation led me to travel to nearly 30 different countries to learn from people from a wide variety of disciplines, traditions, and modalities. Since moving to NYC I founded The Consciousness Project to create a network of emergent practitioners and offer experiences that bring about healing and transformation.”