16. October 2020 - 19:00 till 21:00
The Boston Center for Contemplative Practice, Newton
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Live your Life Breathwork Practice, October: Cultivating Self Expression with Tara Jones (via Zoom) | Friday, 16. October 2020

Live your Life Breathwork Practice, October: Cultivating Self Expression with Tara Jones (via Zoom)

Friday 10/16

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

$15 - Community

$25 - Sustainer

$35 - Supporter

Are you finding that you’re feeling stuck? Or maybe life is pretty good but deep down you aren’t feeling like you are living it fully? The power to grow, transform and create your dream life is within you, but sometimes you just have to clear the energetic cobwebs to access deeper sources. In this workshop we are going to use the breath to clear out barriers that no longer serve you, tap into your intuition, and release any stagnant energy that blocks you from resonating with your full creative Self-Expression.

Breathwork is an active form of meditation and somatic healing practice. It uses a three part breath that quickly quiets the mind and purges the body and nervous system of emotional debris so we can be more present in our hearts. When you bring consciousness to breathing all sorts of magic and transformation can happen which in turn supports life change; cultivating a vision on how fulfilling your life can be. It is a experience that feels like returning home.

The power of breathing together in a group amplifies the sacred container of support. Come join a like minded community to recharge your batteries, feel some feels, release what you don’t need and discover you already have everything that you need inside of you!

This physically embodied practice works to:

* Facilitates emotional and energetic release

* Helps to clear a foggy, stuck mind

* Activates creative energy flow to inspire new and meaningful projects * Wakes you up to a greater expansive awareness

* Nourishes the heart and helps you to align with self-love

* Cultivates self esteem and confidence

Please bring a water bottle, a yoga mat, a journal (if you so desire) and a blanket if you need extra padding. Wear comfortable clothing.

No experience necessary. Just come with an open heart and mind.

We are so excited to bring this beautiful practice to the surrounding community!

$15 - Community

$25 - Sustainer

$35 - Supporter

It is the mission of the Boston Center for Contemplative Practice to provide balanced financial accessibility to our services. We believe that what we offer should be for everyone. We offer a 3-tiered, self-selecting pricing system for events and scholarships for our professional trainings classes.

"Sustainer" prices are general admission pricing, maintaining the center’s ability to meet costs for holding an event.

"Community" pricing is for those with limited income and access to resources.

”Supporter" pricing is for those who would like to support our ability to offer community pricing and improve the center.

About Tara:

Tara Jones is a Breathwork Healing Facilitator, Massage Therapist and the owner of Makia Rising. She is so fortunate to have been part of the Healing Arts community where she has had the privilege of developing strong relationships with clients for over 20 years.

She believe that healing starts from a positive frame of mind that ""we are not broken."" This human experience can be an intense one, and no one goes through life untouched. Most of us carry around tension, pain, fear and outdated beliefs tucked deep in our bodies and nervous systems. Starting the process of letting go and integrating, sometimes just requires loving care of our body, plus the willingness to keep an open heart and mind while looking deep inside ourselves.

She is honored to have the opportunity to part of the BCCP community and excited to work with you.