08. December 2017 - 19:30 till 23:00
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Paramore | Ted Constant Convocation Center | Friday, 08. December 2017

96X Winter Meltdown featuring Paramore with special guests Misterwives and Joywave on Friday, December 8 at the Constant Center.

Tickets on sale now at YnotTix.com.
  • If someone needs to sell their general admission ticket, I’ll buy it! They seem to be sold out.
  • Did you get your tickets yet? PARAMORE + Misterwives + Joywave
  • we’re real happy to present the official music video for Fake Happy.
  • Paramore just released their NEW video for Fake Happy! 🙃
  • Sarah Nichole May LET'S GO
  • Grab your tickets NOW!!!
  • Kerby Nachos
  • if anyone’s selling a ticket please let me know 🙂
  • Tallan Groberg do you have duty that day?
  • Dang, I wanna go, but I never know if my work is going to give me overtime, so I don't think I can.
  • Peep this! Tianna Washington
  • Get your Paramore ticket for Friday, December 8 at the Ted Constant Convocation Center today! bit.ly/96xmeltdown17
  • So want to go if I wouldn't have found out just now I could have saved for tickets.
  • Valorie Mack
  • Dany David ❤️
  • Jessie Beasley!!!!!
  • Eric can you come home for this
  • Desiree Decker
  • Announcement: Joywave will be joining Paramore on December 8th! Get your tickets now on YnotTix.com at http://bit.ly/2iecl2T
  • cant wait
  • Charleii Mack !!!!!
  • Just got my tickets! I've been a huge fan for so long, but this is my first time seeing Paramore. 😭 I'm so excited!
  • Check out Hayley William's (of Paramore) cover of Nineteen!
  • Excited to see Paramore? Check them out on NPR Music at http://bit.ly/2zwIqKV. Don't forget to purchase your tickets on YnotTix.com for December 8.
  • Aghhhhhhhh yeshhhhhhh😀💘