31. January 2019 - 7:30 till 16:00
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Driver CPC Operator refresher Day 2 of 2 Legislation and Maintenance | AE Driver Training and Recruitment Ltd | Thursday, 31. January 2019

The aim of this course is to provide the second of two days refresher training for Transport Managers. This course has also been designed to deliver to drivers giving them an insight in to compliance. This course covers Operator commitments, Company policies and procedures, Planning, Daily checks, Defect reporting, Roadside checks, Prohibition notices, H&S, Vehicle loading, driving licences, Speed limits, and Incident procedures. The idea behind drivers attending this course is so they have more of an understanding of why they have to do certain tasks and the consequences if the licence is not adhered to.
This training also counts towards driver CPC hours which are only uploaded after completion of the full course. If students want to have CPC hours uploaded to count towards their 35 hours then a cash payment will need to be paid at registration. The upload fee is (£8.75 ex vat) plus £1 administration fee which includes vat and one certificate. The total cash payment for a CPC upload is £ must ensure they bring their driving licence with them to the course. If there are any issues please give Chris a call to discuss and hopefully resolve.
We are located opposite James and James just after the mini roundabout. Please park on the main road and use the button on our pedestrian gate to gain access. Once on site follow the path around the building, past reception, past the smoking area, around the corner to the metal steps located at the rear. Our office and the training room are located on the first floor.
Our terms and conditions and cancellation policy applies to all bookings. If you require a copy or for any questions please contact 08453735000 or email