22. August 2019 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Greek 102 Session I | CSUN USU Lake View Terrace Room | Thursday, 22. August 2019

*Check-In at 8:00 am*
The purpose of Greek 102 is to serve as a continuing education conference centered on hazing prevention and value driven leadership training. A 90% organization participation is required for all organizations to be fully recognized and to obtain recruitment privileges.
Please be sure to bring your CSUN Photo ID to the event.

Equity and Diversity: Title IX Presentation
Hazing and Bystander Behavior

******Note the completion of the implicit bias test is required for attendence. Please follow the link to complete the test prior to GREEK 102


Please complete the following sections: 
Disability IAT

Disability ('Disabled - Abled' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to recognize symbols representing abled and disabled individuals, and one of the other tests.

Skin-tone IAT

Skin-tone ('Light Skin - Dark Skin' IAT).  This IAT requires the ability to recognize light and dark-skinned  faces.  It often reveals an automatic preference for light-skin relative  to dark-skin.

ORSexuality IAT

Sexuality ('Gay - Straight' IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish words and symbols