04. February 2017 - 9:00
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Always Potterheads Festival Oklahoma | Oklahoma City Farmers Market | Saturday, 04. February 2017

Calling all wizards and muggles alike…..Always Potterheads invites you to join us at the OKC Farmers Market Event Center February 4th and 5th to celebrate the magical world we all know and love! Come walk through Diagon Alley to seek your magical wand, plenty of Butterscotch beer, along with all the necessary items for a year at Hogwarts. Look for the Sorting Hat for those unclear of their best house fit and show your house pride with the pursuit of the house cup. Don’t upset your professor by missing out on Potions classes and watch for the many Potterhead door prizes we will give away hourly! Tickets are currently on sale, and are limited to keep the event fun and safe for all. We ask that you order early so we can prepare for this celebration and plan as many wizarding task for all ages!! Early online orders will receive special Potterhead memorabilia during your check-in! We look forward to bringing you the Perfect Potterhead Experience!
  • Coffe and Cauldron Cakes???? We have them!!!
  • The Always Potterhead team will be out for a spell today. If we don't answer as quick as we usually do just know that we are busy casting spells to make sure everything is ready tomorrow!!
  • These smell SIRIUS-LY amazing!
  • Some muggles are having trouble finding where to purchase tickets. If you know of any, please direct them to out Always Potterhead Festival Oklahoma facebook page. There is a link there to purchase the tickets or send them this link! It will take them to our magical world! Wizards, Witches, and Muggles 3 years old and younger are free! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/always-potterheads-tickets-29841987187?aff=ehomesaved
  • Jonna's Sweet and Savory just sent us this picture. I couldn't wait to post it! I think I may gain 8 lbs this weekend... its a peanut butter fudge cake with sorting hat & with house revealing center! #alwayspotterheads #hpforever #harrypotter #okcfarmersmarket
  • I know you guys are probably tired of me posting sweets BUT! Jonna's Sweet & Savory just let me know she uses dragons breath to get the marshmallow just right on these smores! #alwayspotterheads #okcfarmersmarket
  • Oh my Dumbledore! Come get your Dragon Smoke Candle from Elevated Candles!!!
  • Dazzling Streaks Events is giving away a few wands! Keep in mind they are very limited!
  • It looks like 7th and West is getting their patronus charm ready for Always Potterheads Festival this weekend!! ✨⚡️✨
  • The Golden Type - Raise your hand if you're ready for Always Potterheads Festival this weekend in #OKC ✋🏼Tag your best #harrypotter friend below #thegoldentype
  • Where my Ravenclaws at?! Ms Brodt will have this along with other works of art at the festival in 6⚡ days! #ravenclaw #alwayspotterheads #hpforever #harrypotter #okcfarmersmarket
  • Hogwarts Exchange has a jelly called Habanero Toe Jam?! 😳Oh My Dumbledore... Does anyone else hope the dragon hide braclets have magical properties?! #alwayspotterheads #hpforever #harrypotter #okcfarmersmarket
  • Your Hearts Desire is making some bookmarks to last! It will keep your place in the book no matter if its you 1st or 8th time reading Order of the Phoenix *I may or may not be reading it for the 8th time...* 😍⚡ #alwayspotterheads #hpforever #harrypotter #okcfarmersmarket
  • Necklaces by OK Collective!!
  • Come to the Always Potterheads Festival to see what is in the cards for you!!
  • OK Collective is working on special candles for the festival!