21. November 2019 - 13:00
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2020 Membership -Weber Association of Master Gardeners (WAMG) | Thursday, 21. November 2019

Welcome to registration for the Weber Association of Master Gardeners. 

Our purpose is to: 

Support, promote, assist, and perpetuate the continuing education activities and service for the Master Gardeners, Weber County Extension Office, Ogden, UT.

To provide gardening information to the community through volunteer activities, community talks, and fairs.

Mentor each new class of Master Gardeners.

To support and promote the Ogden Botanical Gardens, Friends of the Garden, and service-related activities as directed by Utah State University in Weber County.

Membership is open to any person who has completed a Master Gardener training program or who is currently enrolled in one.

Greetings to all Weber Association of Master Gardener members and folks thinking about joining.   

As an association we enjoy working hard at Ogden Botanical Gardens, learning about plants and their environments, as well as the camaraderie of getting to know one another because of our shared interests.  We are an eclectic group that has fun and loves good food – especially our workday luncheons.

We look forward to the 2020 year and are planning activities and events around the theme of “Gardening for Pollinators”.  Our opening kick off will be January 11th at 6 pm.

We are busily planning some fun activities and classes and will update everyone as we come up with them.