04. June 2020 - 15:00
Online, Online
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ARRAY 360 Music Festival | Thursday, 04. June 2020

An online festival of immersive, ambisonic sound and colour, feat. Dave Okumu, Hejira, Dan Samsa, Atau Tanka & Uta Kögelsberger, & more.

About this Event

ARRAY plunges you into a universe of music and colour alongside some of London’s most electric acts, featuring new music and remixes specifically created for full sound immersion and crafted into ambisonic 360 art videos, this is an entirely new festival experience. Escape the world, dance, meditate, shift your perspective – in a virtual gig alongside people across the world.

ARRAY pulls together a fascinating scope of artists as you’ve never heard them before, in fully spatialised immersive audio that makes the feelings hit deeper and the beats go harder. On Night One, enter a world of cerebral dance beats, unusual field recordings, and cinematic soundscapes with 360 videos from Luke David Harris bringing soaring sonic narratives, an unholy mashup or drum n bass and breakbeat from legendary DJ Kamikaze Space Programme, and a sneak peak of composer / DJ Dan Samsa’s (aka WARSNARE) new album, influenced by contemporary classical, jazz, afrobeat, and the club sounds of South East London.

On Night Two things get eclectic with Goldsmiths Music darling Imogen and her enchanting brand of hypno-pop, Tokyo noise-scene maker Atau Tanaka in collaboration with video installation artist Uta Kögelsberger, critically-praised band Hejira with a reworking of their brilliant recent album Thread of Gold, a finally, a magical set from The Invisibles frontman and Jessie Ware producer Dave Okumu.

Originally due to be a live event at Deptford’s live music hub The Albany, using a cutting-edge speaker dome specially engineered by audio experts Genelec, the festival pivoted online to bring ambisonic sound to your headphones in a new kind of music festival. Join us on June 4 for a live chat with the artists and head of Goldsmiths Music Department Simon Deacon.



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Thursday JUNE 4 at 8pm

Night 1:

Live video chat back with the artists & creative team, moderated by Tom Slater of Call & Response and Simon Deacon of Goldsmiths Music (YouTube Live)

Friday JUNE 5 at 8pm: Release Night 1 video (YouTube 360)

Night 2:

  • Dan Samsa
  • Luke David Harris
  • Kamikaze Space Programme

Saturday JUNE 6 at 8pm: Release Night 2 video (YouTube 360)

Night 3:

  • Hejira
  • Dave Okumu
  • Atau Tanaka & Uta Kögelsberger
  • Imogen