11. August 2020 - 4:30
Online, Online
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✨Create Meaningful Employee Experiences✨ with Design Thinking For HR | Tuesday, 11. August 2020

Challenge the way you work! Try out Design Thinking for HR and create meaningful employee experiences that keep your colleagues engaged

About this Event

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Creating a well-rounded People Offering that is meaningful for all your stakeholders doesn't need to be overwhelming!

Our Design Thinking for HR Online Workshop you gives you a step-by-step guide to creating processes, programs or initiatives that truly resonate with your colleagues because you'll address their most meaningful needs.

Why Design Thinking for HR?

The Complexity Of Working With PEOPLE

We've seen our HR, People Experience and L&D friends struggling when it comes to design or update processes, programs and internal services. With so many stakeholders involved, it gets complex to design something that includes everyone's perspective and doesn't take forever to deliver.

The Trap of Trusting Too Much On Your Years Of Experience

We've seen People Professionals fall into the trap of just designing from their gut feeling, relying on their years of experience in order to save time, but once the new initiative is deployed, not everyone is so happy about it. Then the rework starts. Grrrr.

Increase Your Impact & Move Faster Focusing On VALUE

Design Thinking is a human-centric and agile approach used in product development and service design because it gives a structured way to move forward, faster, by adapting solutions in conversation with users.

It focuses on identifying people' needs and mapping out the journey a user go through when interacting with a product, so designers can take actions to make their experience easy, enjoyable and remarkable.

We curated and adapted just the right methods to fit People Topics and bundled them together in this step-by-step Design Thinking for HR Online Workshop for you to follow through with your team.

Who can benefit from Design Thinking for HR and what can you do with it?

- HR Team leads, Managers, People Experience Professionals who would like to work with a modern approach to HR and empower their teams as well. You can identify Moments that Matter along the Employee Journey and create processes and initiatives to address them.

- Employer Branding Professionals working in-house who would like to increase their impact taking care of the Employee Experience. You can align and guide different functions where to take actions and what to change.

- Learning & Development Professionals who would like to offer learning opportunities that are relevant for their colleagues at every stage of the Employee Journey.

- HR Consultants looking to impress clients with a modern, structured and creative approach that brings tangible results in a short amount of time.

- Employer Branding Consultants interested in going beyond recruiting campaigns. You can extend your services with strategic advise about what to improve in the EX in order keep a good reputation as employer.

Challenge Yourself!

Look at what Andrew Kyle, Team Lead of Employer Branding & Candidate Experience at N26 said about our 2 day training on Employee Experience Design, our in-depth version of this Online Workshop.

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