13. February 2022 - 16:00 till 18:00
Online, Online
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GNU/Linux/Freesoftware/Opensource User Group | Sunday, 13. February 2022

Did you know there's an alternative to the Windows and Mac operating systems? There's also many great FREE softwares available. Come learn..

About this Event

Libre Las Vegas: GNU/Linux Free Software Users Group

Are you're tired of proprietary software like Windows, Mac OSX, and Adobe Photoshop?

Are you tired of Social Media companies stealing all your data and getting rich off you?

Are you tired of Big Brother spying on you?

Would you like better software for FREE with no strings attached?

Would you like the FREEDOM to do whatever you want with the software?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions this group is for you!

Whether you're running GNU/Linux as your desktop operating system now or you're interested in learning how to do so, this Meetup is for you.

Our goal is to create an environment that's welcoming, fun, and educational.

The argument for FREE Software ("FREE" as in speech) software is stronger now than ever before with a new Data Breach, Big Brother Leaks or Censorship Take Down every day.

The internet runs on GNU/Linux, it has been wildly successful in the server market however most home users don't know anything about it.

Desktop GNU/Linux operating systems provide a rich end-user experience on par or better than commercial rivals in many respects. Not to mention they are FREE and safer to run than those proprietary spyware operating systems.

...Yet the uptake of using GNU/Linux as an end-user (desktop/laptop) operating system still lags behind. This Meetup aims to end that by:

1. Creating a community of GNU/Linux on the desktop enthusiasts.

2. Providing a venue where GNU/Linux questions can get asked by users of all levels.

3. Fostering GNU/Linux on the desktop evangelism. Let's spread the word!

We welcome long time GNU/Linux enthusiasts as well as those who maybe have heard of GNU/Linux but aren't even sure what it is, and everyone in between.

Join us for our next meeting!

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Come learn about Linux and see it in action. Ask questions, get answers, learn something new.

Join us virtually every Sunday at 1pm pacific https://meet.jit.si/librelasvegas