14. April 2020 - 8:00
Online, Online
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The Guided Womb Healing Gathering | Tuesday, 14. April 2020

A safe, confidential and supportive space to help you connect to your womb-wellness and your feminine being.

About this Event

The Guided Womb Connection Gathering - A Virtual Circle For Healing & Transformation

Nathalie Sommer invites you to join her online Guided Womb Healing Gathering. A safe, confidential and supportive space to help you connect to your womb-wellness and your feminine being.

During these gatherings, you get to experience womb healings (as Nathalie channels from her spiritual feminine support team), guided meditations, visualisations and other exercises to help you connect deeper to your womb and feminine being.

Connecting to your womb and feminine essence allows you to open up to your most creative potential. This creativity can help with all aspects of life including parenting, relationships, work and business (especially during the uncertain times we currently live in).


Life begins in the womb, it’s the cradle of humanity. It's also a woman’s centre of creativity, emotions, desires, sensuality, love, strength and power. It’s our web of life - it’s very powerful. Connecting to this feminine space leaves us feeling fully alive, open, integrated and experiencing wild freedom in ourselves. We often don’t nurture or spend enough time connecting to our feminine being, or we don’t know how to connect to this potent part of the body. By developing your womb connection in a safe space with a group of women sharing the same journey previously proved incredibly powerful, bringing through dynamic messages.

Plus, you can interact with Nathalie live on the circle and ask questions. As a live channelled event, each month is completely different in nature but sure to help you to feel nourished, connected to your being. You'll receive collective guidance and also the transmissions from Nathalie’s feminine spirit team to personally transform you.


* Create a deep connection to your feminine essence and your femininity

* Experience the safe and nurturing space of a group of like-minded women

* Feeling greater self-love & empowerment

* Attract & create healthy relationships (you will be able to allow for deeper connections, as you’re more connected)

* Builds confidence & enables you to find strength in your voice

* Release old beliefs and patterns

* Support your menstrual health and other illnesses

* Clear out old trauma and open up to new possibilities

* Feeling sensual and open up to new sensual expressions

* Feeling alive, open and experiencing more joy

I’ve seen the benefits of what harnessing the feminine energy of your womb can do. I look forward to supporting you by honouring the unique ways you move, interact and empower yourself to build the life, relationships and connections you have longed for.


You will join this intimate and supportive online space via Zoom with a small group of women, where you’ll receive support from myself and from the group collectively. For 30 minutes you’ll receive a distance womb healing, which is a form of healing energy projected across time and space and has a healing effect on all the recipients helping them to connect deeper to their feminine being. This is then followed by a guided meditation/visualisation or feminine embodiment practice. To close, there’s an open sharing circle, where I’ll pass on some insights, channelled messages and guidance from the healing coming straight from my spirit healing team. You will also have the optional opportunity to share your experience, thoughts or feelings.

Together we’ll be journeying collectively as a group, to help you unlock, heal, connect and nourish your feminine being.


• Journal & pen

• A comfortable, private space in your home

• Yoga matt (or bed), blanket, pillow

• Water bottle



Date: Every Second Tuesday Of The Month, starting on the 14th of April

Time: Hong Kong 8pm, Switzerland 2 pm, Australia 10pm, PDT 9am, EDT 12pm

Duration: 90 minutes


I’m Nathalie Sommer, I’m a certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach. I specialise in working with women who want to experience feminine embodiment, emotional empowerment & deep intimacy in relationships.

For the last 15 years of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve been working as a life coach, intuitive guide and healer. I now combine these modalities to create powerful transformations by combining them with my feminine sensual embodiment work.

Society has built unrealistic idealisation through media, patriarchy and religious beliefs, and we’re shaped by our upbringing, past relationships, the work we do and the challenge to balance the masculine and feminine energy within us. There are a great many women who are not fully feeling embodied and connected to their womb health and their healthy feminine being. Therefore, they’re feeling numb to experiencing the entire spectrum of sensations and emotions that are available to them. I have made it my personal mission to enable women to experience greater intimacy, deeper connections, sensuality and emotional empowerment.

I work with individuals, couples 1:1 online, and I teach workshops and events internationally.