10. November 2014 - 6:00
Online, Online
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Java Programming Intermediate Course, Java Front-ends, 3 Days, Virtual Classroom | Monday, 10. November 2014

Java Intermediate and Java Front-ends With Java FX and Android Studio

Due to Coronavirus measures, this course runs online only

Book as normal, connection details will be emailed to you.

Delegates already have basic Java Skills. In this course we expand on OO Programing, Database and data structures, Front-end and Web services. This is a very practical course giving you hands-on practice. Course exercises, notes, examples, computers, evaluations and certificates are included. Course Contents: DataBase and data structures:


Generics, Wrapper classes

Collections: Lists, Sets, Maps, Trees

SQL, database principles and JDBC


GUI's with JavaFX

Building Java GUI's.

Define events and event handling.

Examine the Java SE event model.

Describe GUI behaviour.

Develop event handlers.

Create a front-end interface for an application.

Import a java package to interact with the front end.

Interact with a database.

Create a quotation.

Project: Movie program application.

Apps using Android Studio

Hello World - Run on a Physical Android Device

Creating The Basic GUI

The Layouts

Button Click App

Calculator App

Send and sms

Send an email

Get and display your Geo Position

Creating The App’s Theme

Databases Introduction


What are Web Services?

Why Web Services?

Web Services - Characteristics

Web Services - Architecture