31. December 2017 - 23:00
Online, Online
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LGV.com Laws of the Grapevine - Launch April 2020 | Sunday, 31. December 2017

The Laws of the Grapevine

Your communication habits are the single most important predictor of your success.

Extensive research and your own experience proves it. This class will teach you how to build a high performing team and leadership culture to achieve greatness.

School Growth is offering The Laws of the Grapevine for one reason: Great leaders are great communicators, and we need both in our schools. In order to provide the ultimate experience, the five sessions of this class will all be delivered via online video conference. After completing registration, participants will receive details of how to connect with their computers, mobile devices, and/or phones. 

Your communication skills have a direct impact on the success of you and your school. It impacts faculty culture, enrollment, fundraising, board relationships, and so much more. Just like every other school, you have a grapevine ecosystem throughout your community that can be an asset or a liability--the difference is really up to you.

Anyone can master these techniques to build the habits and the reputation of being a master communicator.

You will maximize your influence and leadership potential. For over a decade, Scott has worked with CEOs, Boards, Philanthropists, Non-Profit Executives, and other professionals to help them achieve more through a collaborative, constructive communication style. The skills you will gain through this workshop will advance your career as well as bring greater satisfaction to your personal life.