08. July 2020 - 14:00 till 15:00
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Life during the Italian plague throughout the Renaissance and Baroque | Wednesday, 08. July 2020

Learn about the Italian plague throughout the Renaissance and Baroque led by a food historian in Florence to cover remedies, diet and art

About this Event

Are you curious about the remedies used by Italians thought to cure the plague aka La Pestilenza? What foods people ate or avoided to prevent the disease?

Italy was the first part of Europe to witness this epidemic.

Italians were known and prized for their medical knowledge, but there was no known cure for this sickness. Doctors, apothecaries and monks had their own special blend of herbs and ingredients to battle the infection, however the plague kept coming back for 300 years and became a regular part of life.

When the pestilence first arrived to Italy, the Renaissance (i.e. the rebirth of the European Art) was just starting and the epidemic continued throughout the Baroque period.

The art of these centuries abounds in images of death as well as joy.

During this one hour interactive session, you will learn about the time of the plague, the remedies, foods that were created during the epidemic. Some of these recipes, liquors and tonic waters are still used today.

In addition, we will discuss how artists reacted to the pandemic in art.

About your host: All of Curious Appetite's online sessions are led by our team of tour guides who hold various specializations. Adrienne will be your guide for the hour and is a sommelier, food historian, speaks 5 languages and is a true Florence expert!

HOW IT WORKS: This online cultural food history session is scheduled Wednesdays 11am Pacific Time/2pm East Coast Time/8pm Italy time. If the time works in your end of the world- you're invited! Tickets must be purchased in advance and is open to join-in participants of up to 8.

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