30. August 2015 - 23:00
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"Looking Back and Looking Forward" Webinar Recording | Sunday, 30. August 2015


The start of a new year is often a time for looking back and looking forward. But 2014 also marks a major turning point in the lives of three long-time Canadian leaders in the fields of co-operatives, social enterprise and CED.

Over many years of dedication, Lynne Markell, David LePage, and Walter Hossli have played an integral role in the growth and development of CED in Canada. So we wanted to start our 2014 webinar series by sharing some insights from these three leaders on their experience and vision for the future.

In this session, moderated by CCEDNet Emerging Leaders co-Chair Marianne Jurzyniec, we will reflect on the biggest changes our presenters have seen over their careers, the most important lessons they’ve learned, and where they see exciting opportunities in the field today.


Walter Hossli Walter has been Executive Director of Momentum since it was founded in 1991. Under his leadership, Momentum has won the Community Achievement Award from the City of Calgary, been recognized by the Tides Canada Foundation, by Charity Intelligence as one of the most effective organizations in Calgary and named one of Alberta's top 50 employers. Walter is a founding board member of CCEDNet, and he helped establish Vibrant Communities Calgary, an organization dedicated to fighting poverty.

David LePageDavid is a Principal with Accelerating Social Impact CCC, Ltd., one of Canada’s first hybrid corporations, created to serve the emerging blended value business and social finance sectors. Until recently, David was the Team Manager of enterprising nonprofits BC and played a lead role in the development of enp-Canada. His many involvements include Chair of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, a member of the Social Enterprise World Forum Steering Group, the Canadian CED Network Policy Council, Imagine Canada’s Advisory Committee, and BC’s Partners for Social Impact.

Lynne MarkellUntil her retirement in December, Lynne had been at the Canadian Co-operative Association for more than 10 years, focused on government affairs, public policy and co-op development. Prior to CCA, Lynne had a long experience in the community economic development sector, was a former CCEDNet Board member, has been active on CCEDNet’s Policy Council.


This is a recording of a 1-hour webinar that took place on January 21, 2014

The session begins with presentations by Walter, David, and Lynne, followed by an interactive question and answer period facilitated by Marianne. 

This session is in English.

You will need speakers or a headset on your computer to participate.  To ensure your system will be compatible with our webinar platform, try this connection test or look at the Adobe Connect quick start guide prior to the session. 


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