06. August 2020 - 20:30 till 21:30
Online, Online
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Novasutras August 2020 Cross-Quarter Meditation | Thursday, 06. August 2020

Guided meditation for global well-being and loving-kindness, agaya and ubuntu with conversation.

About this Event

Our guided meditation for the Cross-Quarter will feature a message of global wellness, joy and loving-kindness for all beings. We celebrate agaya - the deep, sacred beauty and complexity of the universe - and ubuntu - the connections between all things, binding us all together in the more-than-human world with reverence, joy, generosity, gratitude, and loving-kindness.

Through the moment of the Cross-Quarter, we will all focus our attention toward the place where the sun will be directly overhead, and shine our wishes for joy and interconnection from that point out into the world. After the meditation, there will be opportunity for conversation.

Please join us for this Octal Meditation practice to enhance personal and global well-being. Learn more at Novasutras.org.


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