11. May 2019 - 4:30
Online, Online
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The ONLINE TranceFormation Introduction to Huna & Ho'oponopono Workshop | Saturday, 11. May 2019






(For those who live across the globe you can attend via Video Webinar. To purchase On-Demand instant access go to: https://www.bigmarker.com/series/1-day-huna-workshop/series_details )


If you missed the Live Workshop & Remote International Huna Sessions but would like to register your interest, should I run another live event CLICK HERE or use the EOI ticket option below. I will be running both an in-person Workshop in Watford in Spring 2019 plus a Live Global Video Webinar Workshop which means you can join us from around the world online. 

For those who previously registered their interest I have emailed over the possible dates.  Once those have been collated I will add the final dates to this page.  

Are you held back by old patterns or mental programs?  

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try or no matter what you do, the same old habits and beliefs keep persisting?  

Looking for a simple yet powerful and effective ways you can take charge and change and transform your life forever?  

Do you feel that your past is dictating or negatively impacting and affecting your future?

If you missed the live event you can register you interest to attend the next one using the EOI ticket option below.  I am also running a live Video Webinar version of the Workshop will contain the same content as the in-person event.





Having cleared and shifted energy, judgements and beliefs in the morning using Access Consciousness, the afternoon will focus on Hawaiian Huna.  Topics to be explored include:


What is Huna and why choose it as a path

The Huna lineage an ancient history

The power of the Huna chants and their hidden meanings

The correspondences to Huna with other spiritual paths

Real-life experiences of Huna magic

An experience of the Huna symbols in action

An introduction to Higher Self Therapy and Ho’oponopono (The Forgiveness Process)

The Waking Meditation

The basic Ahi Ritual for releasing what you wish to be free of

Practical Huna processes you can incorporate into your daily life


A mixture of theory, background and practice, participants will leave with tools and practices that they can immediately apply in their day-to-day life.  There will also be a series of group energy processes and clearings so that everyone also gets to experience some Huna magic in action, and have an opportunity to release and let go of some emotional, ancestral, and physical baggage.


What is Huna?

 Huna is the modern label given to an ancient system.  Meaning secret or hidden knowledge, it is said to encompass one of the original forms of healing and spiritual development.  It is believed to be over 35,000 years old, and part of the original teachings which shaped the world in which we live today.  Originally called Ho’oman; Ho’o means to make, Mana means life force, taken together the word Ho’omana means empowerment or to empower.

Not aligned to any religious belief system, Huna is about personal empowerment and enlightenment, helping you to more profoundly experience a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connection to the world and energies around you.  It is about awakening those who were meant to ‘live’ Huna in this lifetime.

With the combination of the Huna and Access Consciousness, we are clearing old issues in minutes, and my clients often notice the different immediately.  We will also cover an introduction to Access Consciousness. See below.




Created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, Access Consciousness is about unlocking old judgements, beliefs and energy so that you can be more in touch with who you really are.  I have found the Access Consciousness to be a great complimentary piece when used in conjunction with the Huna so you will get a brief overview and then be on the receiving end of several experiential sessions to clear old thoughts, judgements, and limitations.


What is Access Consciousness?

The process of Access Consciousness is about asking questions to bring up the energy of anything that isn’t working for you, keeps you stuck, or causes some form of judgement or limitation in your life.  Having identified the energy you then run the ‘clearing statement’ to wipe the limitations out of existence and to undo any limiting beliefs.

Access has been described the by the founder Gary Douglas as “wild, weird, wacky and it works!”  I have to admit the first time I came into contact with it I had to concur, however I couldn’t deny that despite my scepticism and that of some of the people I used it with, there were definite benefits and changes.  

Access is about energetically locating all of the places and levels where you are keeping yourself stuck and limiting your abilities or awareness, and simply clearing and releasing those energies and beliefs using the Access ‘Clearing Statement.’  Each clearing statement takes just a couple of minutes.  All will be revealed and explained at this exciting Introductory Workshop!

The morning will focus on loosening up the energy and shifting, changing, and releasing old judgements and beliefs.  

Sessions to be covered in the morning include:

What is Access Consciousness

Fundamental principles and points of view

The Access Clearing Statement – what it means and how to use it

How to destroy and un-create limitations and judgements

An overview of Access Bars


In addition to exploring the background to Access Consciousness we will also run a series of live group clearings throughout the day to start the process of: 

Resolving old limiting beliefs

Clearing out blocked physical and emotional energy

Creating a space where you can forgive yourself and others

Letting go of old judgements and self doubt

Paving the way for new opportunities and ideas to show up

Releasing yourself from the past and old genealogical and ancestral patterns that hold you back


One of the beauties of this work is that you don’t even have to know exactly what it is you are trying to clear, with Access it is about unlocking the energy source, your conscious mind doesn’t have to try and figure it out or get in the way. 



The day will be a mix of theory, practice, and historic background regarding Huna, and will also include a blend of other methodologies together with both group and individual belief change sessions and processes.  There will be 3 distinct parts to the event, which blend together throughout the Workshop. You have the option of attending either in-person or via the Video Webinar Workshop.  Both events will be held separately.



The Video Webinar will also be run as a full 1-Day Workshop which you can either attend live if your time zone permits, or via the Webinar Replay Recording.  For an idea of what to expect with the Webinar platform you can watch the first live event I ran using it earlier this year:  https://www.bigmarker.com/tranceformations-tm/Marilyn-Devonish-Money-Breakthrough-Programme-Test-Webinar

There is unlimited access to the Replay Recording should you want to revisit the material. 



One question I have been asked is why the Video Webinar is the same/similar price as the live Workshop, which it will be once the pre-launch and launch prices are over. 

With a hotel venue you pay them once.  Run the event.  End of story.  The Webinar Replays however have to be hosted long after the event itself is over.

Webinar platforms are not free.  They incur either a monthly or annual cost depending upon your subscription plan. 

You get to revisit and review and refresh the material whenever you choose, an option that isn't possible when attending a live Workshop.  With regards to unlimited access, see point number 1 about hosting fees.  

They also from a practical point of view save you money because you don't have to travel, pay any hotel accommodation costs, purchase lunch, dinner, etc., so with the technology we have available today I see it as a win-win option for attendees.  I will be using BigMarker to run and host the Webinar if you want to check them out.

It also goes beyond the pocket of time in question and is about the skills, knowledge, information, wisdom, TranceFormation, Coaching, insights, and Training being provided. 


Your facilitator for this amazing day is Huna and Access Consciousness Practitioner Marilyn Devonish.  Marilyn is also a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.  She is also a Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, and Practitioner of EFT, EmoTrance, DNA Theta Healing, Energetic NLP, and Archetypal Profiling.  With over 12 years Coaching, Training, and Workshop Facilitation experience, Marilyn has the ability to expertly guide participants on a deeply transformational journey.  Even in a space of just a few short hours, Marilyn can deliver lasting impactful and change.


Following the success of the live and recorded Huna and Access Consciousness Teleseminar sessions, these Workshops provide yu with the opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world.  Previous attendees will tell you that the energy travels even if you are joining remotely or catching up via the replay recordings.

Want a fast, simple and powerful way to banish old beliefs and stuck energy out of existence within minutes?   

Want to change and transform old emotions immediately without getting tangled up in trying to logically figure it all out? 

Would you like to have a deeper and clearer connection with yourself? 

Looking for something that you can do in one sentence and the time it takes to breathe a few breaths?

Want to start creating your future in ways that you didn't even dream were possible?

We will be doing all of this and more at the unique Hawaiian Huna and Access Consciousness Introductory Workshop.  As far as I am aware this really is a world first, and combines 2 very powerful change and transformation technologies, infused with over 17 years of other esoteric practices.

Below is a short Huna Introduction Video. If is isn't showing on your mobile device go to: 

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