22. July 2020 - 21:00 till 22:30
Online, Online
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"Operation Self-Reliance - Helping Families Achieve Ultimate Self-Reliance | Wednesday, 22. July 2020

Operation Self-Reliance is a joint project helping families transition from dependency on cities to a homesteading culture of self-reliance.

About this Event

Curious about Modern Homesteading? Join us on Zoom Wednesday night.

The Academy of Self-Reliance is a Utah non-profit which is partnering with other organizations in "Operation Self-Reliance" or OSR. OSR is already helping families and individuals transition from a city lifestyle of competition and dependencies (for food, water, shelter, energy and sanitation) to a debt-free, rural lifestyle of self-reliance and cooperation, surrounded by like-minded neighbors.

This low-key introductory presentation gives an overview of "Operation Self-Reliance" and the work Academy of Self-Reliance:

  • the genesis and scope of Operation Self-Reliance,
  • the Academy's free webinar series on self-reliance topics,
  • it's program to help families make a very real and detailed plan to achieve greater self-reliance, and,
  • an introduction to the 1,245 acre Riverbed Ranch agricultural co-op & homesteading community they're building in Utah.

Online meeting - Wednesdays at 7pm, Mountain Time.

Lasts over an hour including Q&A.

IMPORTANT: RSVP by reserving your spot for the call so you will receive the call-in link. Good idea to download Zoom's software from Zoom.us ahead of time.

NOTE: You don't have to have a webcam to participate. You'll be able to type in your questions during the Q&A period after the presentation.

Please plan to connect 10 minutes early, just in case you run into a software snag.