29. March 2019 - 13:00
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PMP Application Step-by-Step and Personal Coaching (PMBOK 6) | Friday, 29. March 2019

It's the first hurdle of getting to and through the PMP Certification Exam.  The application.  Many PMP Preppers stop before they ever start out of the fear and angst associated with the application process. 

That fear stops now. 

Carl Pritchard brings his humor, energy, and vast well of experience to bear on the Project Management Professional application through a comprehensive one-hour webinar backed up by a personal review of your application before you submit. 

Carl walks you through your application process, one page at a time, and explains precisely what the PMI reviewers will be looking for when they receive it. 

Your $75 investment is worth it to save the challenge of getting a rejection notice from PMI.  It's also worth it if you opt to take a PMP Prep training program with Pritchard Management Associates, where your original $75 for the coaching will be deducted from the cost of your training.  It doesn't matter if you take the training this month or three years from now, the $75 will still be deducted from your Pritchard Management training costs.  (And if you're a corporate client, we'll refund the money to the organization paying for your training). 

What you get:

A one-hour, on-line webinar walkthrough of the exam process.

Multiple e-mail reviews of your application while it is still in process.

Personal coaching on how to make your work look more like the kind that PMI likes to see in the application

Tricks on how to capture even the most complex projects if 550 characters or less.

24-hour access to Carl Pritchard for questions, concerns and reflections on your experience. 


That's right, Carl Pritchard, one of the past authors of the PMBOK Guide (4th Edition), a PMP for over 20 years, a veteran trainer and a guy who loves the content...is all yours!  Got a question?  Send an e-mail and he'll get back to you within 24 hours!  (Try it...email)  Suffering from chronic application anxiety?  He knows the cure.  Carl has coached exam sufferers from all over the planet.

He'll work with you right up to the moment when PMI accepts your application and you schedule your exam date.