05. May 2017 - 18:00
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PUR: 603 1-Hour GRE Prep (Online) | Friday, 05. May 2017

PUR: 603 The 1-Hour GRE Prep Course (that teaches you how to study)

This class includes the e-Book The 2 Laws of Standardized TestingĀ  by Derrick Drakeford, Ph.D. and Sehba Lowe Brown, M.A.T.

In this one-on one tutoring course you will learn:

1. A proven strategy to perform on the GRE

2. Secrets from Test Authors

3. How to re-think your approach to the GRE to reduce stress and increase confidence

4. The 2 Laws of GRE Test Taking

A note for the course designer:

"It pains me that 'standardized testing' has prevented many people, who are geniuses in their calling, from exercising their gift in the earth. Don't let this road block stop you. Prepare for your test. Pay for Test Prep. My work as a GRE Test prep coach has taught me if you follow 2 Laws you will have a high probability of answering every question correctly. Law 1: What is the question "really asking" (don't be fooled by extraneous information). Law 2: What tool does the test author want me to use to answer the question (it could be a Math tool or a Language tool, but the test is essentially a tool test. It does not test your genius, instinct, heart, creativity, beauty, humor, love, personality, identity, or your smile. These 'soft skills' are the things that truly matter when you want to make an impact in communities.-Derrick Drakeford, Ph.D. #www.learnpurpose.org