23. July 2020 - 7:00 till 8:15
Online, Online
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Second Careers and Critical Management Studies | Thursday, 23. July 2020

A webinar exploring 2nd careers within the critical management studies community

About this Event

This webinar will explore navigating Critical Management Studies (CMS) as a 2nd career, either by those who come into CMS following a different career or profession, or those moving into CMS following a scholarly trajectory within the ‘mainstream’ Academy. Despite being a community that pride themselves on being inclusive and plural, careers in critical management are often subject to - and reproduce -normative expectations of what academic trajectories, expectations and success ‘must’ entail and by when. In exploring the experiences, challenges and possibilities for those becoming part of the CMS community as part of a 2nd career, we will consider how an ethics of praxis within the CMS community may support, transform and advocate for different structures, processes and forms of career recognition


Brigitte Biehl

, SRH University of Popular Arts

, Germany

Jackie Ford, Durham University, UK

Arun Kumar

, University of York, UK

Farooq Mughal

, Bath University, UK


Margaret Lee, Monash University, Australia

Kathleen Riach, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK

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