17. February 2019 - 9:00
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Self-Paced Online Train-the-Trainer /16-hour certified trainer course | Sunday, 17. February 2019

People want their training to be awesome!

Increase your impact ... Improve your skills

Earn your 16-Hour Train the Trainer Certification

About this Event

How to Train Other PeopleIn just ten lessons, Train-the-Trainer Specialist Daniel Bobinski teaches you how to create dynamic training!

Who should take this course?

♦ Experienced trainers and managers wishing to improve their training skills

♦ New managers, supervisors, or trainers

♦ Experienced managers with little or no formal training in how to train

♦ Executives, consultants or in-house trainers

♦ Anyone who gives presentations, trains, or teaches others

♦ Anyone who needs a Train-the-Trainer Certificate

"Daniel is amazing! I've been to lots of trainings, from Brian Tracy, to Zig Ziglar, to Bob Proctor, and I got more from Dan's training than any other!"

- Jennifer Quinn (Jenny Q), Livestream Broadcast Expert

Why should you take this course?

-- Learn how to cut training time by 50 percent -- while increasing learner retention!

-- Learn how to structure training so that learners find it highly-effective!

-- Learn methods guaranteed to increase production!

-- Discover how to engage learners so they "own" their learning

You will use these skills for years – and you can use them right away!

What you will learn:

♦ An easy to use, five step approach for creating effective training and presentations

♦ Professional presentation techniques and tools

♦ How to cut on-the-job training time by 50 PERCENT!

- - - Shorten the time it takes people to learn while increasing their retention!

♦ How to connect with different learning styles -- and how to adapt your training as needed

♦ A practical way to measure the impact of your training

AND MUCH MORE! CLICK HERE to review the course outline

"After teaching for years, I was thrilled to learn new techniques --powerful techniques-- that I've never seen before."

- J. R. Sulfridge, Teacher

These ten, self-paced lessons are information-packed and exceed the standards required for a 16-Hour Train-the-Trainer Certification.

You will learn key skills for creating presentations that not only engage people to really learn, they'll be saying "WOW" afterwards!

In other words, you will create maximum transfer of learning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who is your facilitator?

Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed., CPBA (Certified Professional Behavior Analyst), is a Train-the-Trainer specialist who has been a sought-after trainer and coach for more than 30 years. He is a past chapter president for the American Society for Training and Development (now ATD), is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, and the International Association of Workplace Professionals.

As President and CEO of Leadership Development, Inc. and Workplace Excellence, Daniel creates, conducts, and oversees training for Fortune 500 companies as well as small and mid-size concerns.

Daniel is also a best-selling author, a syndicated columnist, and a popular keynote speaker. His work appears in such publications as The Times of London, Business Management magazine, the Journal of Management Services, HR Magazine, CXO magazine, and other journals and newspapers. His book, Creating Passion-Driven Teams, is an international best-seller.

Daniel holds a Master’s Degree in Training and Development, a Bachelor's Degree in Workforce Education and Development, and he is "THIS CLOSE" to his Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Leadership.

What are others saying?

"This course is an excellent experience; useful, effective, and money well-spent. I highly recommend it!”

- Travis Naef, Training Supervisor, Agrium - Conda

"This is a fantastic course. I was able to start applying the material immediately.”

- Mary Fordyce, Registered Nurse and Training Director, Columbia Health Care Systems

“An extremely effective method. You KNOW the people being trained will experience quality learning.”

- Dan Woodward, Vice President, One Day Redesigns

Enroll today! At only $1497, this course will pay you back many times over.

- Enroll 4 or more and get 25% off! -

You get:

♦ 10 lessons of personalized instruction so you can make your learners say "WOW"

♦ A 125-page manual with templates and step-by-step instructions

♦ ALL your future training questions answered (a lifetime benefit) at no extra charge (includes review of any presentation)

♦ As an alumni, attend our 2-day Trainer workshops - FOR FREE

♦ Get your 16-hour Train-the-Trainer Certificate

♦ 100% Money-Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied

Most Important: The training you create will be awesome!

Can't afford the entire course fee right now? Payment plans available. Call (208) 375-7606 or send us an email