18. August 2020 - 12:00 till 13:30
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Sharing Privilege: PART ONE // The Body is Political | Tuesday, 18. August 2020


18. August 18:00-19:30 Uhr Sharing Privilege : PART ONE // The Body is Political with Robin Lacambra

Using the 8 Limbs of Yoga as a framework, we explore the necessity and relevance of rooting wellness practices in social justice. We will spend time broadening our perspectives around diverse human experiences, things we take for granted and ways we unknowingly uphold harmful systems.

*Robin Lacambra*

is the founder of GOODBODYFEEL Movement Studio and the GOODBODYFEEL Movement Method. She is an empowered embodiment educator - blending practices like Pilates, yoga and mindfulness and sharing them from anti-oppression, trauma aware and eating disorder informed frameworks. Robin is also a somatic coach, social justice advocate and eager student of diverse movement practices. Her aim as a movement educator is to help facilitate others to move mindfully and feel good in their bodies as well as recognize the intersection of physical practice and social politics.

Robin believes in finding a balance between being a for-profit small business that centers community-benefit over maximum profit for few, by experimenting with sliding scale pricing, service exchange and bursaries for marginalized communities. Robin’s passion is creating and strengthening bridges between different industries and social causes. There is always an intersection worth exploring, uplifting and sharing. She created the Sharing Privilege workshop and workbook, exploring how we can sustainably share our individual privilege to create more access and abundance for more people. She also offers lectures on Movement for All Bodies: Language and Sequencing (for instructors), Empowered Embodiment: Ego as Ally, Body as Resource, Ambition as Service, and Anchored Ambition: How to grow a career while reducing harm to self, others, and the planet.