09. September 2020 - 12:00
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White Fragility: A Lunchtime Exploration | Wednesday, 09. September 2020

Join the Hive for an 8 week online class facilitated by Kate McCracken!

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White Fragility: A Lunchtime Exploration

Domains: Collective Action, Healing Work

Author of "White Fragility," Robin DiAngelo coined the term white fragility as a way "to capture how little it takes to upset white people racially." In her book, DiAngelo names the ways that we, as white people, have weaponized our emotional reactions to racial concepts, conversations, and scenarios to continue to cause harm and perpetuate systems of racism. She also calls us, and gives us practical action about how to build our emotional stamina as a necessary part of our antiracist development. Many antiracist scholars and educators have named the inherent trauma that is present in all who experience racism, even the white people who benefit from racist systems. Becoming antiracist as white people requires that we acknowledge all that has brought us to this point and take a trauma-informed, body-centered approach to unlearning and repairing the damage done.

In this course, we will explore the role white fragility plays in our lives as white people. We will interrogate our own experiences, responses, and beliefs in order to grow and evolve into antiracists. We will practice practical, body based strategies for heightening our awareness, our resilience, and our capacity to take action. Reading the book is recommended, but is not a requirement for participating in the course. Teachings from other antiracist educators will be included.

A dynamic speaker and facilitator, Kate McCracken is the Director of Talent Development and Inclusion at Leadership for Educational Equity and has been designing and delivering learner-centric personal and professional development opportunities for 15 years for companies and community based organizations such as: Lakeshore Learning, the YMCA, and Mental Health America.

Due to COVID-19 limitations, all Hive September/October courses are online. Your Zoom link will be sent with your registration confirmation. You can email any questions to email