22. January 2017 - 17:30
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Working Holiday Visa for Spain: Bundle A1.1+A1.2 Spanish Online Courses+Skype tuition | Sunday, 22. January 2017

Special Promotion until the 18th of April

This is a Special Bundle Promotion including the 2 online courses (A1.1+A1.2) needed to obtain the A1 LEVEL  (this is the minimum level required to get the Proof of Functional Level of Spanish for the Working Holiday Visa to Spain*) +Skype tuition (Six 30'-sessions). With this promotion, you save 84 AUD. This course is for beginners.

AVE Global are Instituto Cervantes Online Spanish Courses. The online instructional material reflects the diversity and richness of the Spanish language, shared by more than twenty countries in the world. Interactivity and a wide variety of Spanish online multimedia contents have made the AVE Global the best Spanish online course around the world. 

After you purchase the Working Holiday Bundle A1.1+A1.2 AVE Global+Skype Spanish Courses, you will receive an email with the first instructions, username and password. From that moment on, you will have 60 days to finish course A1.1 and after that, another 60 days for the course A1.2, with six 30-minute Skype sessions in total, with one of our native teachers. With this new offer you can do your courses faster. This bundle is for beginners. If you have some previous knowledge of Spanish, in order to know in which course you should enrol, please take our FREE online level test for Spanish online courses in this link: 


If the result of your level test shows that you can start with our A1.2 course, or a higher one, you don't need to do both A1.1 and A1.2 courses to get the certificate. You can enrol in one course only by clicking this link: 


When your course will be completed, you will receive a certificate from the Instituto Cervantes for your Working Holiday to Spain application.


*Working Holiday Visa for Spain: Functional level of Spanish for Youth Mobility Programme visa in Spain


Did you know Proof of Functional Level of Spanish** is one of the requirements when applying for a Working Holiday Visa for Spain?

**Proof of Functional level of Spanish: any of the 6 following.(Number 3 is the one offered with this Bundle)

DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) level A1 or higher: The Diplomas in Spanish DELE are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The DELE can be done in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. More information.

Spanish course level A1: 2 **** to **** courses of 30 hours at Instituto Cervantes in Sydney A1.1 and A1.2. **** to **** course at the premises of the Instituto Cervantes Sydney. More information.

Spanish Online Course AVE with Skype Teacher Support Level A1 or higher: Two 12 week courses: A1.1 and A1.2.) More information.(THIS BUNDLE COURSE)

At least four semesters of Spanish during secondary education

At least two semesters of Spanish during higher education

Those applicants who are fluent in Spanish (descendants of Spanish speakers or people having spent long stays in Spanish speaking countries), but who do not hold any Spanish language certificate, will be given the opportunity to prove their fluency at the Embassy or Consulate General through a set of interviews and administrative demarches in Spanish at the moment of lodging their application.

More information about the visa in the Spanish Embassy of Spain in Canberra website.