01. November 2018 - 17:00
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Direct Primary Care Conference 2018 | Rosen Centre Hotel | Thursday, 01. November 2018

This conference trains physicians to start or expand a direct primary care practice (DPC) that is based on the private patient to doctor relationship.   Through recurring payments (monthly, quarterly, or annually), patients "contract" directly with their doctor for care for a low fixed fee.By unshackling physicians from paperwork, bureaucracy, and reimbursements, DPC cuts out the middleman to free the doctor's clinical judgment and create pricing all can afford.
DPC: A Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice ends the obligation to third party payers and the endless fights with forms, regulated cook book care, and seeking reimbursements.
In a DPC practice, you are opting out of the insurance and government systems and you will join the rising tide of thousands of doctors resurrecting their calling to care.  
These doctors are embracing a practice model that ends the endless data entry and gives you the time to know your patients, listen, reflect, and deliver quality care - all within a business model that generates revenue commensurate with the years you invested in your training to become a physician.

NOTE:  There will be a third track that will run all-day Saturday so please plan accordingly.
Tickets are non-transferrable and all remaining tickets are non-refundable within 30 days of the event.