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A Letter to Coldplay for Leanna | Everywhere! | Friday, 14. March 2025

Hello everyone, most of you know the story by now but for those of you who don't, my name is Christina and thanks to many of you, we were able to create a miracle for my best friend. Leanna was diagnosed with Myocarditis in the summer of 2012, and passed away 5 long weeks after the diagnosis.

My mission initially was to gain as many supporters and followers as possible who would be willing to help me spread the word about this project, mainly through social media: facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, or ANY other way you could think of. Within a matter of 12 hours, this page exploded and over 20,000 people were invited. I can't thank you all enough for the amount of support I received.

I was trying to contact Coldplay/Coldplay's management. It was a long shot, but I miraculously came in contact with their fan liaison, who unfortunately told us (long story short) that she could not favor one fan over another, in the kindest words possible. This didn't stop us. With the help of everyone on this page, and most importantly the people with connections who had reached out, our prayers were answered. It was truly an emotional moment, and we got more than we had ever asked for!

Best be sure that Leanna knows about all of this <3

A special thanks to Gwen Kruz, Debs Wild, Jon Astore, and Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will themselves for making this story a success.

Here is the original letter that I wrote:

Hello Chris, Guy, Jonny, and Will.

So I woke up with this crazy idea, and I know it's a long shot, but it would literally mean the world to my broken friend, Leanna.

You see, Leanna was admitted to all Children's Hospital in Tampa last week where she was diagnosed with Myocarditis, a viral infection of the heart. Since then she has been allowed slim to no visitors, and has undergone countless medical procedures and examinations.

I met Leanna 5 years ago, at a small school in Sarasota, Florida. We quickly discovered that our biggest commonality was listening to your music, and from there, our friendship continued to blossom. Five years flew by so fast, and I'm now graduated from high school (Leanna will be in 11th grade next year). Sadly, I had to leave her this past Saturday for school in Orlando. I can't even describe how awful this helpless feeling is during such an exciting time of my life.

She and I were both planning to go to your concert in Tampa, this Thursday. She was going with her family, and I was going with mine. However, she will not be able to make it there, and I know it's going to crush her, because we have been talking about how amazing this night would have been for a year.

So guys, I ask you this. I don't mean to interfere with your tour and I know you are extremely busy. But if I know you like I know your music, I just feel like you would be the kind of guys that would love to reach out to a broken girl who adores you.

Since she is in no condition to receive visitors, I was wondering if you would be able to do a short video, dedicated to her, with the song, "Fix You". It is our favorite song and has been for years. I know that this would literally mean the WORLD to her, and it would provide her with strength to heal herself.

I hope you consider my crazy idea :)
A broken friend,

If you would like to read Leanna's story, click this link :)


Rest in sweet peace and love our Angel <3
<3 Forever in our hearts and thoughts <3

March 14, 1996-July 19, 2012


^Team Leanna Tribute video