08. October 2019 - 20:00 till 23:00
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TrustlessBank Atomic Swaps Party | Secret Location! | Tuesday, 08. October 2019

Atomic Swaps, a nuclear-powered exchange? no, they are even BETTER and MORE POWERFUL.
Meet the nerdiest developers in cross-chain swaps, the most modern trustless exchange technology, drink and talk about trading WITHOUT using exchange sites, and how to stay PRIVATE!The TrustlessBank development team, who made the first ever cross-chain swaps wallet, the first ever multi-coin Lightning Network wallet, and the first ever Libra wallet, are in Osaka for Devcon!
There will be:
Custom Cocktails!Anime girls!A sumo wrestler!Genius minds of blockchain technology!ATOMIC SWAPS PARTY, October 8th, 20:00Free Entry: at a secret location near Namba,Osaka.
Please contact for invitation and location details!PS. If it says SOLD OUT, please email for individual invitation.
Also please contact via email for the exclusive Investors Dinner at a 200-year old sushi restaurant!