12. October 2019 - 10:00 till 12:00
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GeoAg Fulton County - Southwest Library | Southwest Library | Saturday, 12. October 2019

Fulton County Board of Commissioners and the Fulton County Library System host free 2019 Geological Agriculture (GeoAg) Sustainability Workshops on Saturdays at area libraries from June to October 2019.
Topic: Geological Agriculture (GeoAg) - The study of growing plants in rocks indoors and outdoors permanently without soils and fertilizers.
Course: GeoAg 101.
Website: tosoilless.com
About GeoAg 101 - This is the introduction to geological agriculture course.  Participants will learn:

History of GeoAg - How we figured it out
The story of GeoAg and Fulton County
2018 Fulton County GeoAg Recap
Gravel Grow Cup Assembly
Nutrition Testing
GeoAg Plant Tasting
GeoAg Indoor Micro-Farming
GeoAg Recycling
Outdoor GeoAg Basics
GeoAg Safety
GeoAg Online

Much of the GeoAg course is taught from the textbook River Stones Grow Plants by Richard Campbell which includes contributions from Tennessee State University and George Washington University.  If you can't attend one of the workshops, buy the book to learn how at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  For a PDF of the book River Stones Grow Plants, visit www.tosoilless.com. 
RSVP - See Eventbrite Schedule - Search GeoAg Fulton County to find a library near you.
Participating Fulton County Libraries...so far

South Fulton Library
Southeast Library
Fairburn Library
Northwest Library
East Point Library
East Roswell Library
Palmetto Library
Southwest Library