01. May 2019 - 19:00
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TheK Building Campaign IGNITE Deed Burning | Kingdom Living Ministries International | Wednesday, 01. May 2019

We are gearing up to payoff our building on Feb 1st, of 2020 with God being our total guide for future ministry efforts. We look to accomplish this with various covenant partners and sowers who will help us in our endeavores towards campaigning in our building drive to burn the remaining amount on Kingdom Living Ministries Int'l head quaters location church. We know that giving may have it's challenges during trying times but we still believe in a God and people of love who thrives to see true vision and ministry succeeding for Kingdom Building.
Hence why we decidied to shift the odds for all who participate in donating to this great cause. Our visionary Apostle D. Harrison has decided to use a prinicple for 3 runner ups in a drawing that God states biblically, give and it shall be given back! With that being stated we are anitiating the IGNITE campaign which has three (3) opportunities for people within the donation giving drive in burning our mortgate by Feb 1st 2020.
We are asking for is each individual that partner to donate a minimal gift donation of $1000 to our building campaign of burning a mortgage to be debt free. This donation automatically enlist you into being a participant for being one of our Partners. There will be and announcement to bless three/3 partners out of all the givers who donated on December 31st in our LIVE Stream Service for all to witness. The partners name call will be in the order of 3-1 for the gift of our giving below. The catagories for the 3 donators recieving a blessing are as follow.
For Our 3 Place Donator Winner)-You will win a dinner for 2 at an exquisite restuarant with shoufering to and from home, in addition a 3 course serving and gift basket from KLMI on behalf of your winning entry, thanking you for particapting.
For Our 2nd Place Donator Winner)- You will win an all exclusive trip for 2 out of the country or within the us virgin islands with dinner and complimentry limosine shoufer for picking up and returning transportaion to you home. A gift presentation on behalf of KLMI for your active donation in participation towards our building campaign accompliched goal. 
For Our 1st Place Donator Winner)- You will win a grand prize of a S550 Mercedes Benz S Class and a gift presentation on behalf of KLMI for your active donation in participation towards our building campaign accompliched goal.
All Donations are to benefit the Kingdom Living Ministries International building campaign a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Please note that all donationas given are tax exempt.  We thank you in advance for being apart of the succesful steps of burning our mortgage for 2020. We are building communities and souls for God's glory.
Thank you kindly,
TheK Team
REFUND POLICYDue to the nature of our building campaign no donation/s can be refunded or made therefore this site has a “No Refund” policy. KLMI (C)