09. December 2017 - 9:00 till 10:00
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Pensacola Soul-winning Marathon | Panera Bread | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Brother Chad Morgan from FWBC will be in Pensacola, Florida, on Saturday, December 9, 2017, for a soul-winning marathon! Come to Panera Bread at Cordova Mall (5100 N 9th Ave, Pensacola, FL) for breakfast and fellowship from 9am-10am. Then we will go out soul-winning until we have lunch from 1pm-2pm back at Panera. Then we will go out for another round of soul-winning.

This will be similar to other soulwinning events we have held in Atlanta GA, Portland OR, Minneapolis, MN, etc. Don't worry if you've never been soul-winning before. You can just come and be a silent partner.

See you there!
  • Da police are on my real got down preaching the gospel to officer Gonzalez local sheriff buddy church for Danny morison says it's a police state actress with me when I asked officer Gonzalez and officer b hey didn't say I was wrong when I said I took my psych drugs. Down too the cop shop and they did worse things to it **** I said we all deserve and the word of God tells us this that's why the gospel is the Christmas story
  • Preacher Dan Daniel P Witham s is traveling on hwy 13 Pray for my travels safety souls while I travel Preacher Chad Morgan and brethren around the 🌎
  • The Anderson cult taking on the Ruckmanites on their turf. This ought to be an interesting train wreck.
  • I've got my map planed out ready to go, lets get some boots on the ground throwing down with the gospel of Jesus Christ in weird Ruckmanite area Pensacola Florida what what pray for me Preacher Chad for souls to come to Christ before i get headed to preach with yous guys the IFB Preachers who don't back down from this weekend let Us Pave the way for a Local IFB Church in Pensacola to have a good day on Sunday because they had a good day on Saturday
  • Bro. Chad I plan on being their, I talked with my Bishop Terry Faulkner and he's down with me going and preaching the gospel with yous guys the Brethren in Pensicola Florida. Look forward to seeing you their Lord Willing. The duty of all man- Fear the Lord= Faith and Keep His Commandments
  • I didn't read it rite, man I'd love to if at all possible and God works a Miracle for me to go I'll go. I pray God Will open a door for me to go.
  • Thank you for the invite I'll be in Missouri helping With the soulwining marathon here I'm working with Pastor Tommy McMurctry whose over my area.
  • Can't make it to this one. I'll be praying for those who can.
  • While you are soul winning down there, Bible baptist church needs to get saved. To bad ruckman isn't still alive for someone to witness to him.