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Can 400+ Hours of Real Estate Education Taught By Professionals Doing Deals Help You Start Your Real Estate Investment Career Philly? | Online | Wednesday, 13. February 2019

If you had a SYSTEM to find Real Estate deals ACROSS THE COUNTRY would that help you feel comfortable to GET STARTED?
How could PASSIVE INCOME from Real Estate change your LIFESTYLE?
How would your FAMILY benefit from your investing in Real Estate?
If you have not had the chance to talk to any of our AMAZING team members, schedule an introductory phone call to speak with one of us on how to START YOUR JOURNEY in Real Estate Investing.
Once you have had any communication with us, book a follow up appointment to get more information and to get ANY questions you may have pertaining to our system.
Talk to you soon.
Tyese Illery(929)398-5457milliondollargoals1030@gmail.comSafe Haven Real Estate Investor/Director of Expansion
We are a part of a national community of real estate investors in over 40+ major cities nationwide and currently EXPANDING. 

We create SUCCESSFUL real estate investors!
Let us show you the results to prove it!
Real Estate Investing can be done individually. On the other hand when you have an EDUCATED and CONNECTED community to work with, when you have any issues you may not be familiar with, there is a TEAM right behind you to lend a hand.
Once you become a part of our team, you will learn through our education system from PROFESSIONALS who have made $990,000+ in the field that they are teaching. The teachers are properly vetted and chosen based on REAL MONEY FIGURES by our corporate overhead.
There are PROVEN strategies that can be learned with our team if you decide to take the first step into your new life of ABUNDANCE & WEALTH!We host local real estate investing workshops so you can learn creative real estate investing strategies. This is your chance to network with local real estate investors & students so you can maximize your earning potential. At our orientations, you will get informed about how our team operates. There will be many topics spoken about including:

Networking with a local group of successful Real Estate Investors.
How rental properties are one of the best tax saving strategies out there.
The biggest money making opportunities in today's market: Short Sales, Lease Options, Fix and Flips, Foreclosures, Seller Financed Notes, and Multi-Family Dwellings.
How our real estate investor training is unmatched in the industry and how we use it to create massive and passive income streams through real estate investing.
Individual and group deals within our community & explanations how you can be included in the deals we have going forward.
The plan that has assisted hundreds of associates in our community to a net worth over a million dollars in controlled assets.
How you can be involved in the group real estate transactions that we are involved in.
Our working business model that let's you work from home or our local offices instead of fighting traffic!
The opportunity to be done interviewing for jobs for the rest of your life as you become financially free working with us!
Learning how to build MASSIVE and PASSIVE income streams.
Becoming Your OWN BOSS and so much more!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whether you're a seasoned sales professional, a junior level, or brand new, you'll want to be the first to observe our three-step business model for building lucrative investor communities.You must be coach-able, willing to WORK HARDER than you EVER HAVE, dedicated, and most importantly PASSIONATE about creating long lasting, secure wealth through business ownership and real estate.We are looking for people HUNGRY TO CHANGE THEIR FINANCIAL FUTURE!Register NOW!Now here are the 2 simple rules for registering for our events!!We are serious about what we do, and we want you to be a little serious too!MAKE SURE TO EMAIL THE WORD 'CONFIRMED' TO OUR EMAIL ADDRESS MILLIONDOLLARGOALS1030@gmail.com SO WE CAN REGISTER YOU!
IF A PERSON COMES WITHOUT REGISTERING THERE COULD BE A FEE AT THE DOOR!Come learn more about our real estate investing community.
Register RIGHT NOW for an appointment to attend real estate investing workshops!
NETWORK with new & seasoned investors & become part of our community!
Check out some SUCCESS STORIES from some of the students and investors who have and are currently working within the network. Copy and paste the link below.
Maybe one day you will be one of our success stories!