28. May 2019 - 12:00
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The Cultural Value of Everyday Places: A Symposium to Honor Longstreth | University of Pennsylvania School of Design | Tuesday, 28. May 2019

A symposium in recognition of Richard Longstreth's contribution to scholarship on the American built environment. 

This symposium will take place ahead of the 2019 VAF Conference Landscapes of Succession in Philadelphia. It will involve contributions from a group of former students, colleagues and collaborators whose work engages with, and has been inspired by, Richard Longstreth’s scholarship, teaching and public advocacy. This includes people in academia as well as those in cultural resource management. The various panels at the symposium will focus on contemporary work by a range of scholars and researchers who have explicitly drawn on his lessons or otherwise engaged with the kinds of theoretical and methodological approaches that Longstreth has championed. Given the overwhelmingly historical focus of his work this symposium will naturally look to the past. But it will equally focus on what is being done about the past in the present and will grapple with future directions in how we understand the past and its legacy in the built environment.

Kim Hoagland
Anna Andrzejewski, Vyta Baselice, James Buckley, Gretchen Buggeln, Lisa Davidson, Eve Errickson, Gabrielle Esperdy, Isabelle Gournay, James A. Jacobs, Matthew G. Lasner, Elihu Rubin, Katie Schank, Mary Corbin Sies, Amber Stimpson, Helen Tangires, Zachary Violette
Catherine W. Bishir, Robert Bruegmann, Jeffrey A. Cohen, Dell Upton, Carla Yanni