19. January 2020 - 18:00 till 22:00
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Cutthroat Cocktail is turning 21! | 4323 Spruce St | Sunday, 19. January 2020

Cutthroat Cocktail is turning 21! January is our 21st episode of this event so we're celebrating the way everyone does when they turn 21... with drinks and shenanigans. Come check out how we celebrate Cutthroat Cocktail's birthday!
The date for this event is: Sunday, January 19th. Doors open at 6:00 PM (Competition starts exactly at 6:30 PM) at 4323 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104. The cost to get in is $20. Please show up on time! We appreciate your understanding in our ambition to make our competition as well-organized as possible.$20 at the door gets you food, wine, beer, punch and #SHENANIGANS.Thank you and hope to see you there! Feel free to bring lots of friends as well. If you have any questions please text or email me. I will answer anything you ask. My number is 267-634-9355; My email is cutthroatcocktail@gmail.com.
What is Cutthroat Cocktail?If you are familiar with the TV Show Cutthroat Kitchen then you’ll understand that Cutthroat Cocktail is a total knockoff of that show. The format for Cutthroat Cocktail will follow the exact same format as Cutthroat Kitchen except instead of receiving $25,000 per person in the beginning everyone will receive $25,000 fake cash.Basically, it’s a bartending competition where 4 bartenders will **** off to make the best cocktail in various categories. Like, make the best Manhattan variation, or make the best Sidecar variation. The twist? The bartenders can bid on sabotages to give to another player to make it harder to complete their drink in the allotted time.Sabotages like: replace fresh citrus with sour mix or remove an ingredient from a competitor’s basket. There are crazier ones that I won’t write down since they will be a surprise. Whoever makes the worst drink in the allotted time gets eliminated. This happens again and again until there’s only 1 of the 4 bartenders left.