08. April 2019 - 19:30
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FREE Run or Stay Dating App-1 Year Membership (No credit card # required) | Philadelphia | Monday, 08. April 2019

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Single? Download the hilariously relatable  Run or Stay Dating App (Android App coming soon) At Run or Stay, our members tell you their imperfections upfront, & you decide to either RUN or STAY....
Our members are 100% authentic & will let you know upfront:
• I can’t cook
• I’m stubborn 
• I have family drama
• I’m ok with going Dutch on our first date
• On vacation, I’m not going on a 8 hour excursion 
• All of my friends & family will know our business! LOL
Run or Stay is not JUST a dating app. Whatcha Gonna Do is Run or Stay’s social network for relationships. Members post about: 
•Funny dating experiences
•Things married people do
•New bae moments
•First dates
•Or sometimes, they just need to vent. 
When members post on Whatcha Gonna Do, you can tell them if you would RUN or STAY. If you have ever thought “ I’m just here for the comments”, Whatcha Gonna Do is the sugar in your tea! LOL! Start conversations that are inspired by your experience.  
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SINGLE TO USE WHATCHA GONNA DO!! We have tons of members, in current relationships, who join Run or Stay just to use Whatcha Gonna Do! When you join as a Social Media Member, you are excluded from the online dating side of the app. Simply select “Social Media Member - I’m not interested in online dating” in all the drop downs and enter “N/A” for any profile questions, and that’s it! 
Whatcha Gonna Do is a unique experience for every member. There is something for everyone. You might burst out in laughter.  You may realize that stinky feet might not be a deal breaker for you. Or you might realize that bae leaving socks on the floor or makeup on your pillow is not as bad as you thought it was.  **Be sure to tell your friends in current relationships to download the app, so they can post on Whatcha Gonna Do too!.......Whatcha Gonna Do is FULL of people who actually want your opinion........Sounds fun, right? 
When you join Run or Stay you are surrounded by some of the most authentic people around who realize “perfect is exhausting”.