12. August 2019 - 9:00
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Identity, Diversity and the Hidden Curriculum | Revolution School | Monday, 12. August 2019

Each educator who steps into a classroom brings a personal identity, individual experiences, and a cultural code. So does every student. We deeply value differences in race, culture, language, ethnicity, class, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, age and physiological ability. At Revolution School, we believe that bringing varied experiences and perspectives into a community benefits both the individuals and the community as a whole. However, the culture of schools must be shaped to promote communities of belonging. Making what is hidden visible empowers educators and students to confront social-emotional issues that inevitably emerge in schools. This helps get to the root of issues before they grow overwhelmingly large. It also establishes a culture of thinking where students grow by taking on challenges, exhibiting agency, and learning from mistakes.

Specific learning will include:

Understanding identity development, belongingness research, and identity threat

Elements of individual variability through an asset lens

Analysis of language, routines, and practices in school that communicate cultural codes

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm M-F
Registration costs for the week of half-day programming is $125. Educators who cannot attend the full week may  attend at a cost of $25/day. Educators are highly encouraged to attend day one of the workshop and consecutive days, if possible. This will ensure the best experience for all participants. To do this, send specific details to contact@revolutionschool.org.
Our sliding scale tuition model for students means access and affordability for all. Our commitment to affordability exists across our organization and includes professional development. Why? To unleash and support our students’ potential, we must remove barriers wherever they exist. Supporting professional growth across the region means more educators have the tools to support students. We invite those who find the registration price prohibitive, to reach out to Noelle Kellich, Head of Teaching and Learning at Revolution School.
While we are in the application process to become an Act 48 Provider, we cannot guarantee this process will be complete in time for this summer’s offerings. If this is a priority for you, please check us out in Summer 2020!