11. July 2020 - 16:30 till 18:30
Atiya Ola's Cafe, Philadelphia
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Living Your Dreams Workshops | Saturday, 11. July 2020

This will be a series of discussions on Understanding/Living Your Dreams and applying the lessons presented in them to waking life. If we approached dreaming with the same reverence we approach our religious practices, many vistas would open up for us. And, it's free to dream and explore the multifaceted scenarios dreams can bring.

Simple tools and instructions will be presented during these discussions. A book list will be distributed for further understanding.

Facilitator: Nana Baakan.

Nana has been on her Spiritual Journey for over 30 years. When she steps out there, she is a spirit woman first, a Gatekeeper, a Lightworker and Activist, who completely loves her African Roots & Culture and its many manifestations across the Diaspora. Through her many spiritual travels she has learned to appreciate the tolerance, patience and understanding it has afforded her when meeting others who manifest their spirituality in various aspects.

Workshop is free and open to the public.

Donations Accepted.

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