11. July 2020 - 12:00 till 12:00
West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
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Water fight for Life rain date | Saturday, 11. July 2020

Waterarms over Firearms was founded with idea that the world would be better if it was proliferated it with a gun that uses life giving ammunition. Waterarms have been given to children in numerous countries and cities with this intention. When criticism of this method are made it is mostly out of fear that children playing outside may become targets of police violence. I grew up in the 80’s when Watergun’s and many other toys WERE REPLICA FIREARMS. When Dr Lonnie Johnson, A black genius invented the super soaker he made it with bright colors and a form that would protect children from this potential harm. Sadly we still inhabit a world where being born the wrong color or in the wrong place makes you a target and it’s time that we create a space for all children to truly be children.

That being said we should fear the Corona virus and stay safe. Please bring your own personal water supply. A reusable gallon jug or two so that refills can take place at a safe distance from others. I’ll try to crack a hydrant but it would be ideal to be able to fill in as many locations as possible to avoid bunching together too much.

The beauty of Watergun’s is that they are perfect for anyone to play with at a distance and without contact.

Please wear a **** covering and eye protection if possible and follow any government guidelines regarding health and safety.

I’ll have at least 200 Soakers onsite to ensure this will be a spectacular but please bring your own if possible sharing in the time of corona virus can be tricky.

This will be in Honor of Tamir Rice!