01. December 2017 - 9:00
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Yama-*** 2017: Sixth Sense | Yama-Con Anime-Comic Convention | Friday, 01. December 2017

  • Hey y’all I am super excited to be appearing as a guest this year! I have a booth and lots of panels planned for you! Here is my lineup for those that may be interested!
  • Is there any info about the time for the VIP party on Friday night? My husband and I have VIP tickets and I read that there was some kind of VIP event on Friday night, but I don’t see any info about it. Thanks! :)
  • Looking forward to Yama ***. My cosplays will be Prompto and Noctis from Final Fantasy 15. It will be sad to see Eyeshine play for the last time. I have seen them since year one of this ***. One memory I will always remember will be this :
  • The app is here! Download it on Google play for Android, App Store for IPhone, and even on the web (https://attendify.com/app/szzaho/). Search Yama-*** 2017 to find It. Complete with the schedule, guest list, map and more! We are adding to it everyday! *Keep in mind the schedule is tentative and may still change. *
  • Here's my lineup! See ya in a few weeks! ;)
  • So yamacon aka my birthday *** is almost here and i'm excited to once again celebrate my b-day with you all! Like last year, i'm making another cosplay music video. Two in fact this time! If you guys send me having this, i'm recording and taking pics all day! Let's make my birthday *** a fantastic one! :D
  • Autographs!! Be aware that some, but not all, of our guests do charge. Prices are listed in the app. Scheduled autograph sessions will be in the front section of the Marketplace. VIPs and Lifetime pass holders can skip the autograph line once a day for each guest. You can see our autograph policies here: http://www.yamacon.org/autograph-policies/ *photo credit Jewell Chastain*
  • Is the schedule in the app permanent or will there be more versions come out I am noticing a lot of things that I wanted to see not be there.
  • Here's my lineup for the most part! (Friday night at After Dark I'll be doing a Fem Craig from Dream Daddy). Can't wait to see you all! If any of our cosplays lineup let me know!
  • The app is here! Download it on Google play for Android, App Store for IPhone, and even on the web(https://attendify.com/app/szzaho/). Search Yama-*** 2017 to find It! Complete with the schedule!
  • So, I love Yamacon and have gone every year for about 4 years now, but I'm not going to know until probably the week before Yamacon this year if I can go or not because of final exams/projects. At that point, affordable places to stay will be limited... Also, I'm a huge fan of the cabin experience. I'm looking for a decent-sized fun group of people who are renting a cabin and are looking for one more person to crash and help split the costs even more. I'm looking to spend $40 tops combined for both Friday and Saturday night, even if that means sleeping on the floor. I have a **** ton of board games (Adventure Time Munchkin, Rick and Morty Munchkin, Bang!, Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan with expansion, Billionaire Banshee, to name a few), guitar hero, gamecube with mario kart and 4 controllers, movies, animes, netflix, and a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle for getting to/from convention, even in snow. In other words, you want me at your cabin. =P Comment or PM me if you'll have me stay with you! Guys, girls, both, doesn't matter to me.
  • Don't miss Eyeshine's final performance only at Yama-***. http://www.yamacon.org
  • Hey!! Ill becoming down for all 3 days!! Is there any fairy tail meet ups happening??
  • A lot of you guys have been asking about the schedule, our app will be coming out very soon! In the meantime? What are your cosplay plans? Share your lineup with this template below!
  • Who's cosplaying Overwatch for a group photoshoot sometime during the weekend?
  • Don't forget to submit your AMVs for Vitamin H's AMV League by November 22nd! http://amvleague.com/yama2017.html
  • Be sure to check out Anime Blast this weekend! An awesome *** with some great guests that's a short drive away! https://animeblastchattanooga.com/
  • Is there going to be a canned food drive this year again?
  • It's High Noon! Any Overwatch fans?
  • IMPORTANT INFO: At the door ticket prices: All 3 days: $50 Fri: $30 Sat: $35 Sun: $25 Schedule: Download our app on Google play for Android, App Store for IPhone, and even on the web (https://attendify.com/app/szzaho/). Search Yama-*** 2017 to find It!
  • Hey guys we've got an announcement to make! We wanted to say that unfortunately 2017 will be the last year Yama-*** does an art contest. We had a lot of wonderful pieces submitted by our awesomely talented fans this year and for the 5 previous years. However, for some reason we have been met with hostility, disrespect, rudeness, false claims and even rumors surrounding every aspect the contest. Some did not agree with our picks for the winners, some did not like the way we decided the winners, some were upset they didn't win and some just wanted to be sour. We started the contest all the way back in year one as a way to introduce you guys to our mascots. We wanted our attendees to be involved and make it a fun and healthy competition. It gave aspiring artists a chance to showcase their work and we truly looked forward to seeing the creativity every year. It was one of our favorite things! But after days of spiraling and unneccessary drama, we have decided to no longer do fan art competitions. It is unfortunate that a few bad apples can ruin something so great, but we just want to get back to having fun and working hard to prepare an awesome event for you. We look forward to seeing you in December!
  • Yama-*** is very excited to be expanding our arcade with Japanese pinball machines, thanks to Pachinko Fever! Pachinko Fever is a travelling pachinko parlor. Pachinko, the Japanese past time, is a game similar to a cross between a slot machine and a pinball machine. You buy *****, which you run through the machine, and you can win more ***** including brass ones you can redeem for prizes. You can win prizes like buttons and tshirts, as well as DVDs and other things. www.pachinkofever.org
  • Ticket sales end tonight at 11:59 pm Eastern! Last chance to buy! After tonight you'll have to buy tickets at the door. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/yama-***-2017-sixth-sense-tickets-32877751239#tickets