01. December 2017 - 9:00
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Yama-*** 2017: Sixth Sense | Yama-Con Anime-Comic Convention | Friday, 01. December 2017

  • If anyone took photos this weekend of my sally, harley Quinn, or gender bent rick, could you share them with me Please? Thanks guys.
  • I’m looking for pictures of a Jim and Pam cosplay that were at the *** yesterday! That was my boyfriend and I and I would love to see any of the photos taken of us! Thanks in advance! ❤️
  • Is there anyone at Yamacon that lives in Knoxville that can give me a ride when they head back home? I live about a mile from downtown off of chapman hwy
  • Hey everyone. So here is my issue, I came yesterday (White Raven) with hopes to upgrade to have the 2 day pass. Well I was having so much fun I forgot to upgrade.(I was upgrading because I wanted a lanyard and pass to remember the *** by) well today they won't let me upgrade from yesterday, I would have to pay $50 for a lanyard and pass. OR I could come back at the closing ceremony and get one for free. But I have to leave for Asheville today before the ceremony :( is there a way anyone could grab me one and mail it to me? Or if someone has the pass and is leaving today and has no use for it id gladly take it for the memory. Help me out guys 😢😢
  • This weekend has ALREADY been AMAZING, A BLESSING, and there’s STILL 1 MORE DAY TO GO at Yama-*** 2017: Sixth Sense at The Leconte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN so come out see some great guests such as my sweet friends Sonya Thompson & Larry Mainland from The Walking Dead, and SOOOO MANY MORE!!! I’ll be setup next to “THE TARDIS” so swing by and snag some of my Hand Penciled / Hand Painted Artwork created by yours truly while prints last for ONLY $10, 2 for $15, OR 3 for $20!!! See you at Yama-*** Anime-Comic Convention’s final day!!! Doors open at 11am!!! 😎🤘😜🤪❤️ #matthewatchley #yamacon #yamacon6 #yamacon2017 #yamaconthesixthsense #art #artist #artwork #myart #twdfamily #marvel #dc #mcu #dceu #arrow #theflash #justiceleague #jla #spiderman #daredevil #thepunisher #punisher #venom #breakingbad #supernatural #celebrityartist #repost #drawing #conlife
  • Sorry for the spam, feel free to tag yourself and give us a like and share as well
  • Only some of our pictures, feel free to tag yourself and give us a like and share!
  • If anyone sees themselves, feel free to tag!!
  • Is there a burlesque show tonight? Or at some point during the ***? If anyone knows details please give them to me!
  • $100+ item in his box. The STAR BOX at Yama-*** Anime-Comic Convention
  • In all my years of going to conventions, I never thought I’d see a Biker Mice From Mars cosplay!!!!!!
  • Watch out for The Black Panther!
  • Noticed a lot of Ricks and Mortys there today! You better bring your asses to my panel tonight at 9:15! "Your Theory is a Piece of ****. I can Prove it Mathematically" 18+ THERE WILL BE GAMES AND PRIZES!
  • Ah geez, I'd sure appreciate if anyone with photos of me would post them here in the comments! ^_^
  • Cant wait for Yama-*** 2017: Sixth Sense to open its doors this morning at The Leconte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN!!! Swing by my booth next to “The Tardis” (how COOL is that???😎🤘) and check out all my Hand Penciled / Hand Painted Artwork created by yours truly for ONLY $10 A PRINT, 2 FOR $15, OR 4 FOR $20 while they last!!! See you there! VIP’S enter at 10:30am and everyone else at 11:00am so SEE YOU THERE!!! #matthewatchley #yamacon #yamacon6 #yamacon2017 #yamaconthesixthsense #art #artist #artwork #myart #twdfamily #marvel #dc #mcu #dceu #arrow #theflash #justiceleague #jla #spiderman #daredevil #thepunisher #punisher #venom #breakingbad #supernatural #celebrityartist #repost #drawing #conlife
  • Day 2 starts soon. The STAR BOX is in the vendors room. #thestarbox
  • Can someone stop being so hilarious outside by our room? Your friend's laugh is keeping our lazy sleeping asses awake.
  • Y’all. I made it. Do I know anyone here? Please love me. 😭 ****.
  • Photos of day 1. If anyone sees themselves, Feel free to tag yourselves. I do apologize for the quality though :-/
  • Before and After. The Ancient Magnus Bridge cosplay. Cosplay by Elfy Arts.
  • Yama-*** 2017: Sixth SenseYOU AMAZE ME!!! Close to 2000 folks came out today to Yama-*** Anime-Comic Convention at The Leconte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN!!! OUTSTANDING 1ST DAY and we’re here ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! Such a fun day!!! 😎🤪🤘 #matthewatchley #yamacon #yamacon6 #yamacon2017 #yamaconthesixthsense #art #artist #artwork #myart #twdfamily #marvel #dc #mcu #dceu #arrow #theflash #justiceleague #jla #spiderman #daredevil #thepunisher #punisher #venom #breakingbad #supernatural #celebrityartist #repost #drawing #conlife
  • New Staffer Alert but slight disclaimer to all attendees: Remember that staff are people too as you interact with them during your *** experience. Even though I've volunteered for Yama *** since it's first year, I'm still bound to make a few beginner mistakes as grow into being a staff member. Speak from the mind and heart once speak to all staff, and when you're done with the *** and want to note your overall experience look out for ways to express that experience: be it both positive and negative. I hope to see you all soon as I arrive late tonight. ;3 Have a fantastic Yammmaaaccooonnn #selfpromote I may tweet a lot about Yama on my Twitter @PickFairy
  • Are the vendors open today?
  • Finally got set up! I got new stuff so yeah! :D
  • What is the latest that I can show up tonight and still be able to get my 3-day pass?