13. May 2020 - 22:00
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Marriage Boot Camp | The Hope Center | Wednesday, 13. May 2020

Marriage & Life Enrichment Boot Camp is unlike traditional therapy. You won’t be sitting through lectures and you will not be bored. By actively participating and using a series of topics and questions, couples and individuals quickly identify the root cause of their issues, then work together and individually to repair the damage. When damage is repaired the walls come down!
We cover many topics during the seminar program such as communication, conflict resolution, healing from the past, how to get your needs met, sexual intimacy, forgiveness and so much more!
You will not only learn from a particular game or drill, but you will also learn from others who may be struggling with the same issues that you **** today. You will discover that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And, you’re sure to make friends for a lifetime!