10. June 2017 - 16:00 till 21:00
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10th & Final Benefit in Memory of Jana Maegaard | Johnny'Z Pour House | Saturday, 10. June 2017

THIS IS IT! This is the LAST benefit! This will be our 10th event and after much thought and consideration we've decided this will be the last one. We hope you will join us one last time as we celebrate Jana's life and memory as we raise money to help fight cancer. Over the last 9 years we've raised over $86,000!! We would love to hit $100,000 in 2017. Whether you've been to every event since 2008 or have never come before, we would love to see you on 6/10/17. This is one day we all come together to do our part in finding a cure for this ugly disease. It's a disease that has touched most, if not all of us. On a personal note, it would mean the world to Sue, Rick and I for you to share what will be a huge day for us. We are so proud of what this event has done over the years and would love for you to help us celebrate. We promise, you will have a great time and will be doing something that will help change the lives of those benefiting from our donations.
  • Tomorrow is the day!! If you are on the fence about coming tomorrow, maybe this will change your mind....we have OVER $17,000 in prizes donated for this benefit!!! Yes, you read that correctly...$17,000!!!! Maybe you will be one of the lucky winners to win one of the awesome prizes we are raffling off tomorrow!!! It is going to be an awesome day and I already know Jana is already proud. Did I mention $17,000????
  • THIS JUST IN.... Over $3000 in tools just donated! Last night tons of gift certs and baskets were coming in from all over the place. We will post more info on donors and a final amount for prizes donated this year soon. You don't want to miss this!
  • 2 days away!! More Donations came in today....Thank you to the following businesses and people who donated prizes! Salute's Barbara Bloom Gentry Sheridan Lanes - Ashley Griffin and Jason Griffin Twisted Cuisine Texas Roadhouse Service Fanatics - Bill DiPasquale Norm's Patti Tappa Mikes Businesses - Chicken and Donuts, Uncle and Captain Mikes, Mike's Sportsbook Michael Morrone - Ameriprize Financial Spanky's Weather is going to be beautiful, the band will be playing, the drinks will be flowing and many people to talk to!! Gonna be a great day!! Cannot wait!!! This is the last year!! Don't miss out! Let's make Jana proud!!
  • 3 more days!!!! We will have more than 100 prizes to give away for our small prize drawings on Saturday..(Don't tell Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz that there is going to be more than 100 prizes...we agreed to hold it at 100)!! Below are some of the businesses that have contributed a prize so far!!! On Friday, I will have a total dollar value of all the prizes we are giving away...you all are going to be blown away...this is our biggest year ever!!! Thank you for your contribution of a prize: Sports Physical Therapy Barb Marascalco Buffalo Wild Wings Waterfront Warehouse House of Gerhard Wine Knot Bristol Oaks Golf Daily Dose Jenci Salon Mac's Deli The Clubhouse LaFogata Coffee Pot Armando's Snap-on Tools Hair International Vince Gedgaudas MOD Pizza Corner Bakery Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm Burr Oaks Nursery Starlite Club Culvers Stan's Place Lisa Mathews Jen Jennifer Przlomski Connolly Ashleigh Henrichs Popcorn Factory Twisted Cuisine Strobbe Flower Cart Kenosha Subaru Tuscany Italian Restaurant PSMA, Inc. We have a ton more coming in so stay tuned for more donations!!!
  • Here's your daily reminder to come to the benefit on Saturday!!! See you at Johnny'Z Pour House at 4! Event runs 4-9p. First drawing for prizes will be at 5. We have some special things planned this year, don't miss it!
  • Five days away!!!! Remember it is $5.00 to get in the door, but what you receive for that 5 bucks is way worth it!!! We will have a ton of appetizers made by Donna Maegaard and Tenuta's Pizza's have donated a ton of pizza's!!! Thank you to Carmelo Tenuta and Kristie Tenuta for your support over the years!!! Can't wait!!! And BYW, weather is supposed to be fabulous out!!!!
  • We are 6 days away from this years benefit!! We are giving away a 60" Samsung Smart TV. Want to win it? $20.00 donation gets you 3 tickets where you can put all 3 tickets to win TV or our other 5 fabulous prizes. Winner does not need to be present to win so if you cannot come and still want to donate, please message below of let Rick Maegaard Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz or myself know!!! This TV was donated by two volunteers who wish to stay anonymous.
  • One week from today, June 10th, please join us at Johnny'Z Pour House as we come together to fight a disease that has affected all of us. Come hang out with old friends and new friends. Come have a few drinks and maybe win one of our many awesome prizes. Come out and have an awesome time while we honor the memory of Jana and raise money to help those still fighting the fight. We will give back to American Cancer Society and Circle of Hope. By attending our event, you will play an active part in finding a cure and help make the lives of those living with cancer just a little bit better. I promise you will be happy you joined us. It will mean the world to me, Sue Binninger and Rick Maegaard to see you there next week. Thanks for all your support over the last 9 events. We hope this last benefit, the 10th, will be our biggest and best yet!
  • 8 days away....and who doesn't LOVE 50 shades of Clay Matthews? You can win this beauty for a donation of $20.00 and you get three chances to win this!! Autographed, framed Green Bay Clay Matthews Jersey and it comes with certificate of authenticity... If you cannot attend, but still want to win, let Rick Maegaard Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz or myself know! Thank you to Don Schmelling for your very generous donation!!!! Go Pack!
  • 9 days away!!! Have you let us know if you are coming to the benefit on the 10th? If not, accept the invite that you are coming or interested! Another prize we are raffling off has been donated by Vince Gedgaudas. Vince is a talented local artist who has been donating to our benefit for many years. This year he has been EXTREMELY generous and gave us four of his ORIGINAL drawings of the Beatles. These four drawings took him over 300 hours to create and he has framed and matted the drawings for one lucky person to win all four! The value of these four drawings is $2,500.00!!! Want to win? $20.00 donation gets you 3 tickets. You can put all 3 tickets in the Beatles drawing bucket or in the other 5 prizes we have. Winner does not need to be present to win!
  • Attention boozers: Who wants to win this???? $20.00 donation gets you 3 tickets!!! Cooler will be full of booze and still more to come! See Rick Maegaard Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz Kim Cappelen Koprovic or myself ahead of time for tickets....or buy the day of..... winner does not have to be present to win!!!! Value over $500 once we get all of the bottles in!! Thank you to Jeff Milkie at Dicks Roofing for the donation of the cooler, and all of the benefit volunteers, The Clubhouse and Stan's Place for donating the bottles!!!
  • 10 more days until the 10th benefit on the 10th of June! For those of you who already RSVP'd you'll be there, thank you! We cannot wait to see you. To those of you still thinking about it, please do consider attending. The event is so fun and does wonderful things for those fighting breast cancer in our community. I promise you'll be happy you were there. This is the LAST event. Do Not Miss It!!! Stay tuned for info on the great prizes we will be giving away!
  • Getting all the prizes organized!!! So far over 75 prizes have been donated... stay tuned on what you can win!!! If you want to donate let us know!!!
  • We are now only 11 days away from this years benefit!!! Wanted to give a shout out to the guys of 3OG for donating their time again this year to be our entertainment! They rocked the house last year and I am sure will do the same this year!! Can't wait!
  • We are two weeks away from the Jana's Journey benefit!!!! We are pre selling tickets to win six awesome prizes: 60" Samsung TV, Four original hand drawn portraits of the Beatles, Bose headphones, Framed Clay Matthews jersey signed with certificate of authenticity, Snap on tool chest blue tooth speaker, and a stainless steel cooler filled with a ton of liquor!!! Raffle tickets are 3 for $20.00.... you get to tell us where you want your 3 tickets... choose one prize for all 3 tickets or choose 2 different ones! If you cannot attend benefit, here is your chance to still donate and still win a prize as you do not need to be present to win! Contact Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz, Rick Maegaard or myself for tickets!!! If you would like to help sell tickets ahead of time please contact us!
  • Three weeks from today will be the last Jana's Journey benefit. On this day, we raise money for two great causes that were very near and dear to Jana...we come together as one big group to socialize and celebrate life because Jana knew and we all know life is too **** short...and most importantly we remember a beautiful soul who had an infectious laugh and a smile that would brighten any room, Jana Kipp Maegaard.... even though she would have hated all of the attention. (Love you Jana.) Life is about leaving a legacy.... Jana's legacy was her boys and husband, her family, her friends, her job, she lived each day with its "not about me attitude", she made sure she had a purpose in her life, she lived her life to the fullest and she had such passion for helping others.....and we ask this year, what will your legacy be? Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz, Rick Maegaard and I are so excited for this event and we cannot wait to see you all there, June 10th. If you have never come to this event, this is the time to come!! We will not disappoint! If anyone is thinking about donating a prize, please let Sue, Rick and I know, if possible, by Tuesday May 30th. We will take prizes up to the day of though😀
  • Don't forget tonight is Jana's Journey night at Texas Roadhouse in Pleasant Prairie from 3:30-10:00. The benefit will get 10% of your bill. Bring your friends and family for dinner and drinks. Play a part in helping the fight against cancer. See you all tonight!
  • Okay see you then.
  • Tonight we drew the winning card for the Apple Watch. Sue Boscher Kuryanowicz and Rick Maegaard were there to draw the winner. Thank you to everyone who donated...and the winner was Marco Malacara Sr.!!! All proceeds will be donated to Circle of Hope which will be included in the final total for the benefit on June 10th!
  • Don't forget.... Have dinner this Thursday at Texas Roadhouse and a portion of sales will go to our benefit. Be sure to mention you are with Jana's Journey. Hope to see you there!
  • Don't forget to get your orders and money in by Monday 5/15. For those of you that placed orders, I have not yet received payment. I cannot order without it. If you still want to order, message me and I'll get you payment info. Thanks! Original post - OK everyone... Remember at last year's benefit I asked if anyone would be interested in one of our benefit t-shirts if we made them available to you? You know that saying 'better late than never'??? Well.... we finally have the shirt done and we are ready to take orders if you are interested. Shirts are $15. You can ONLY get them by messaging me (Sue K). Be sure to include your size. Also, shirt is only available in gray. I will then give you instructions on how to pay. The catch? The deadline to order AND have money to me is 5/15. I hope to see a ton of these shirts at the event on JUNE 10.
  • Less than one month away!!!! This is the last one so let's make Jana proud and raise a ton of money for her two most important causes. If you haven't already, please accept the invite if you are going! Let's make this the biggest year yet!
  • OK everyone... Remember at last year's benefit I asked if anyone would be interested in one of our benefit t-shirts if we made them available to you? You know that saying 'better late than never'??? Well.... we finally have the shirt done and we are ready to take orders if you are interested. Shirts are $15. You can ONLY get them by messaging me (Sue K). Be sure to include your size. Also, shirt is only available in gray. I will then give you instructions on how to pay. The catch? The deadline to order AND have money to me is 5/15. I hope to see a ton of these shirts at the event on JUNE 10.
  • Check this out! Another way you can support our benefit! Go out to dinner on Thursday, May 18th... You'll enjoy a great meal and be helping to find a cure for cancer.
  • Going back in time to 2010 to the 3rd Annual benefit in memory of Jana....