18. August 2018 - 9:30 till 16:30

2018 Portland ***** Soapbox Derby | Portland's PDX Adult Soapbox Derby | Saturday, 18. August 2018

Now even the race is of legal age.
  • Online Pre-Registration is now open! Here you will find all your questions about becoming a Portland ***** Soapbox Racer! https://fs19.formsite.com/mttaborsoapboxracer/2018RACER/index.html
  • How do I sign up to compete?
  • Can OP rework the sidecar for this?!
  • Beverly Montgomery, Kate Ginger, Andrew Long, SK Monty...
  • Breanne Wilson
  • Kon Tiki Bill hit me up!!! I have some epic connects at my work for this!!!
  • Alexander Holloway
  • Team opportunity Micah & Jesse!
  • Is there restrictions on the building of the car money materials etc
  • Is there restrictions on the building of the car money materials etc
  • Team Winner Winner Chicken Dinner will be racing uphill this year, just to give all those other chumps a chance. #beenbroughten №1
  • Fredi Madsen Vandegrift and Lloyd R. Wahl. We need to have your hubby and mine do this. To much fun.
  • This looks AWESOME!!!!!!
  • I could build a car but id need more time and some resources. There is always next time
  • Looks like us in the golf carts travis stringer
  • How do you enter?
  • That sounds very interesting. I just am not sure about my ability to build a car. :)
  • Karl Payne, Justin Blade, Paul Graybeal Make a Impirial Fistbumps soap box? With bolters?
  • www.soapboxracer.com
  • The rules and such
  • Absolutely Fabulous......look for a giant corn cob racer next year called: " The Spirit of Nebraska!" ......spewing pollen & popcorn.....
  • Aubrey Lee DeRush Patrick Knie Carsten Erickson Ryan Craig lets do this!
  • Kenny Kenny, we could call ours 'The Doob Tube!'
  • Can you please give me a link to this upcoming events rules and registration info? I would like to get started with a build
  • Josh Madsen Lance Waddell Kalen Finn Matt (I know you are out there with your fake accounts) Let’s do it!